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A Youthful Fresh Take On A Classic Indie Rock Style With Broke Body

Broke Body is here, and from the sound of it, they aren't going anywhere soon. The Bleed EP release is beautifully haunting pop fun. Look, there is a lot of "indie rock" out there these days and that's by no means a bad thing. An indie band has to really do something a little different to breakthrough. Broke Body certainly has no issue writing pop-rock songs. But it's their approach to it that makes them unique. The songs are bass and vocal-driven with guitars that burst in when the choruses take over giving them a sort of raw power. These songs are fierce but can also swell and sway when they want to. None so much like their single "Cold Hands". 

Upon playing the song, you feel a wave of warmth hit you. This happens because you know its incredibly catchy. Bordering on a surf rock feel, the track sounds like something from a few decades ago. A nearly perfected single, "Cold Hands" is something you simply cannot miss out on. No seriously, check it out right here.

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