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Aantdoe Is Bringing Real Hip-Hop Back to Light

Aantdoe is not only a rapper from the Philly area who makes great music, but he’s also an Army/Combat veteran who calls his style of hip-hop music the “Adult version”. Knowing there’s so much to rap than what gets played on the radio 24/7, Aantdoe is proving to us that there’s still emcees out here who are taking their time out to focus on the lyrical aspect of rap. Aantdoe raps about real-life situations that all ages are able to digest and relate to. Aantdoe caters to a wide market of hip-hop lovers which makes him so special!

His target audience is the more mature crowd, calling it “GFR” which represents “Grown Folks Rap”. he has multiple releases that you can find on different streaming platforms. There’s no secret that Aantdoe is a rapper who’s sticking to his personal aesthetic of hip-hop, instead of falling into the overcrowded sound that’s populating the market. Aantdoe music undeniably takes you back in time with his raw authenticity that isn’t found in much hip-hop music nowadays. The minute we heard his music we just knew that he was a spectacular rapper who had dynamic artistry that will skyrocket him into new heights in this music industry.

Listen to Aantdoe here


Welcome to BuzzMusic Aantdoe! Considering you have a classic hip-hop style, who were some of your early inspirations and influences?

Rakim (the GOAT in my opinion), KRS One, Kool G Rap, Chuck D, EST, Kenny Krash, Big Daddy Kane, I could go on and on but the majority of Emcees in the '80s and early 90's... These guys actually put time and effort into the things that they rapped about and I'm definitely inspired by them.

Let’s talk about your music, You released various singles that really impressed us. Which single released this year do you feel was the most monumental for you and why?

GetAway for sure!!! Strictly because it was a collaboration with one of my favorite Texas artists "Kasper Genius", and produced by ProdbyZeus one of my favorite producers... Not to mention it was a song dedicated to my wife... And it's 100% relatable to all men who know they have that ride or die chick by their side...

What was the theme behind the song “Strange Things”?

Strange Things (HBH) is another song we can all relate to... It tells the story of a guy that doesn't realize how good of a woman he has until she's gone and now he has to check into Heart Break Hotel (HBH)… Maybe it's from personal experience maybe it's not... But still a great song... Produced by Tone Jonez

How would you detail your songwriting approach to some of your songs like “Get Away”?

I write about what I know... And with that everything has to make sense... The song lyrics and the hook have to be in sync... If there was no music and just my lyrics you should be able to read them and all of it makes perfect sense and go with the subject of the song...

Was there any element in “That Aint You” do you personally feel best enhanced the song’s meaning and why?

In the current era of rap and social media, we all know people who "claim" to be something they're not and we call them "clout chasers"... So "That Ain't You" is dedicated to the clout chasers of the world... It's a fun song that I had the honor of collaborating with my Son "NafiysJ"... You can claim to be all these things but the people that really know you... Will eventually expose you...

What are you looking forward to in 2020, Aantdoe? I'm looking forward to pushing my music even further than I did this year and expanding my Fanbase... My goal for 2020 is to release one single month starting in January... And with the help of BuzzMusic, I believe the sky is the limit.


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