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Aaria Soars With Independence Through Her Latest Single, "Space"

Hailing from Detroit, the Trinidadian Pop/R&B Artist Aaria graces us with her vast versatility and sweet vocals on her recent tune, "Space." Trained in Classical, Musical Theater, and Jazz, Aaria recently earned her BFA Degree in Musical Theater from The New England School, Manhattan. Excited to gear up for the release of her new music with help from her experienced past, Aaria's music is bound to captivate listeners through themes of love, positive energy, universal truths, and female empowerment.

Her recent hit, "Space," delivers a warm R&B atmosphere through Aaria's mesmerizing vocals and the surrounding modern and fresh production. The overall mid-tempo beat allows listeners to groove with ease and flow along with Aaria's sweet vocals that stand as the track's focal point. With each deep transition and a gripping element of this luscious track, Aaria offers a radiant space that's sweet as sugar.

"Space" begins with a filtered electric guitar that offers sweet jazzy aspects, perfectly blending with the steady Trap drums and warm R&B production tones. As Aaria starts to serenade us with her broad vocal range, we quickly hear a resemblance between Jhené Aiko and Kehlani, almost as if the two had a brainchild. Listening to Aaria's lyrical message, she delivers themes of steering away from fake love and finding someone who treats her the way she deserves. Offering empowerment on a platter at the hook where she goes off and bursts lyrics like "-so it's just me, myself, and I time," Aaria has delivered a powerful track that pulls listeners in with each exceptional element.

Aaria's recent single, "Space," takes listeners on an empowering and ear-pleasing journey through the smooth R&B production, Aaria's hypnotizing vocals, and her wise lyrical message.

Hello Aaria and welcome to BuzzMusic, it's wonderful to have you with us. What made you want to release such a powerfully independent track with your single, "Space?" What inspired the song?

I released this record because it's real; Space is very important to me, and I don't think enough people prioritize time with themselves. I was inspired to write this record on a day I just didn't want to be bothered with anyone.

Could you take us through your songwriting process for "Space" and how you went about writing themes that not only tell your story of independence but inspire the listener as well?

The concept came to me as I was just sitting in my living room. I literally only heard the hook first, without any music, "Me, myself, and I time / please do not cross the line / do not try to change my mind / I just need some space." I love writing from an empowered standpoint. I wanted to encourage my ladies, especially, to not be afraid to step away from any relationship or situation that no longer serves them. There's also some vulnerability in the record, where I touch on guarding my feelings due to trust issues. But, overall I wanted "Space" to promote the importance of focusing on yourself, having that "Me, myself, and I time," until you get what you deserve.

The production within "Space" is incredibly smooth and warm. Did you produce the song yourself, or did you team up with any Producers to further execute your vision?

I wish I produced the track! It's definitely super dope. I just knew the sound I was going for and had my team execute it. Shoutout to the producer, Bridgez, for capturing the exact sound that I wanted.

Seeing as you have quite the broad music taste from your experienced past, do you usually deliver such smooth R&B tunes as you did with "Space?" Or do you experiment with genre-bending as well?

My vast musical background and taste in several genres definitely impact my sound. While Space is a smooth RnB record, I love to experiment with genre-bending for sure. I recently released another single "Stingy." It's a totally different acoustic vibe, where I was able to do more vocally. Check that out too!

Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of 2020?

I released my debut single "Thug Love" in August of this year, followed by "Thug Love ft. Dreamdoll," "Stingy," and "Space;" I've definitely been busy during the quarantine. You can expect 1-2 more releases from me before 2021. Gotta end this year on a high note.



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