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Aaron Andreu Calls Out For A Moment In “Hum”

Aaron Andreu is a singer and songwriter that believes in the power of his music and how he puts heart and soul into the lyrics and melody. "Hum" is more than just another example of the power he can put into his songs and how good his music is.

Aaron Andreu is unwaveringly one-of-a-kind, always branching out and exploring the unknown musically. He is not afraid to experiment with a wide range of musical styles and demonstrates his versatility in a variety of genres.

Aaron Andreu has shared the stage with and written for a number of Grammy Award winners. He has not planned to stay in just one genre, and with every song and EP he releases, he continues to explore his versatility.

Aaron Andreu released his 2021 EP "Luna," a collection of his own brand of Latin Art-Rock, as a follow-up to his 2018 self-titled solo EP. Since then, he has continued his musical journey with EPs and singles that continue to add musical complexity to his growing discography.

Andreu's latest single, "Hum," reveals a new side to this already prolific artist. This slower-paced song demonstrates yet another aspect of Aaron Andreu's musical ability. The powerful ballad-like song is a soothing and enticing song that many people will enjoy and relate to. "Hum" speaks about longing and waiting for that cathartic moment. The deep lyrics and accompanying music set the mood to make up your mind and make that move that can change your life.

Stream Aaron Andreu's "Hum," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Aaron Andreu, and congratulations on your latest single, "Hum." How would you describe that moment you describe in "Hum?" Like being afraid to wake from the most exquisite dream of a lifetime What's the message you're hoping people take away from "Hum?" I’d say to just let go of preconceived notions when it comes to falling in love. How would you describe your creative process when writing songs? It all happens rather suddenly. Generally, I never sit down and say, “ok, I’m gonna write a song”. It will almost always start with a feeling that begins to verbalize itself, and THEN I’ll reach for the guitar and begin to set it to music. What aspects of yourself are you most inspired by, and how have they changed with every song you release? Gosh, this is a deep question! I guess I’d have to say my boldness and willingness to be vulnerable. To write down your innermost thoughts, feelings and experiences are cathartic, but to then ACTUALLY share them in a poetic way with whoever will listen takes a certain fearlessness that I’m just now beginning to appreciate about myself. With each song, I become bolder and thus more vulnerable .. and I like that. What's next for you?

More music. More collaborative work. More life.


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