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Aaron B. Thompson Spreads His Message Of Acceptance In “Come Along With Me”

Aaron B. Thompson is an independent Canadian indie artist from Ontario. A self-proclaimed “late bloomer”, he’s getting his shot in the music industry a little later than most. Aaron is in recovery after struggling with addiction through most of his twenties. Now a dedicated husband and father, Aaron says, “...without my family I’d probably be dead or lead some bleak, lonely existence. I definitely wouldn’t have found sobriety and written all these songs about love, pain and redemption.” His music is a deeply moving reflection of his own narrative, what he’s been through and a way to connect with his audiences. He hopes to spark similarities in other people's lives to give them a sense of connection and to show them they are not alone. 

Aaron’s latest release “Come Along With Me” radiates with vivid confidence and empowerment. The sense of acceptance and comfort runs deep throughout this contagious single. Aaron B. Thompson has flawlessly blended synth pop, indie rock, with undertones of folk pop in his vocals. I love the meaningful message of community and joining together. Whether you interpret “Come Along With Me” as a love song, or a powerful theme of togetherness, Aaron has created an inspiring new hit to galvanize the music industry today. This song is appropriate for any occasion, it’s guaranteed to have you toe tapping and singing along.  

I highly recommend you check out “Come Along With Me” here and read more with Aaron B. Thompson in our exclusive interview below!

Hey Aaron! We’re so excited about your new single “Come Along With Me”! What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

This song is about going after a dream and having people you love around you to share the chase with. Dreams are amazing, if you have one you should go after it!

What inspires you to be the artist and person you are today?

I’m inspired by the world around me. Personally I am inspired by the hard stuff in life. I started songwriting as a therapy in my addiction recovery. A lot of my songs are born out of that time, except this one, of course, it’s about the good stuff of life. I guess I was always mostly connected to the bummer tracks on albums (yes, I grew up when albums were a thing). Whether it was hip hop, folk or indie stuff I was always into the introspective stories that pulled at the pain.

What is your favorite lyric within “Come Along With Me”?

“We’ll have anthem hearts and eyes that sing” we recently moved across Canada, family of 5 and our boston terrier Paulie. It was a mystery as to how it going to play out. Kids are unpredictable little people. But they crushed the move and eased into their new life with ease. They embodied that lyric. 

What kicked off your music career?

My music career really began in middle school. That’s where it dug it’s hooks into me. Unfortunately, my late teens and early twenties were hard years. I wasted a lot of time being held down by addiction. In 2008 I started my road to recovery and used songwriting as a way to deal with, or at least process, the regret and people I’d hurt or ending my relationship with alcohol. It had been a part of me for a long time. At any rate, after a lot of years of playing for the basement walls I decided record one song called “Alder Ave”. It was a good first effort haha. After that I began to write a lot more and here we are today. 

What’s next for you?

The “Recovery.” Album is what’s next for me and this is the first single from the record. There’s a video coming out in the fall that launches with my recovery story. It’s scored by a track from the album called “Back To Where We Started”. I’m really excited to release it!


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