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Abby Brown Releases Passionate Single "Gypsy Soul"

Abby Brown started her music career at 7 years old singing the National Anthem at a Minor-League baseball game. A year prior she was diagnosed with hearing loss so it shows that she overcomes her struggles and faces different circumstances, yet she still didn’t allow any of that to diminish her dream and her goals as she kept going!

Abby Brown released her single titled “Gypsy Soul” the catchy melodies and vocal honesty are just a few of many adjectives to describe the captivating single. "Gypsy Soul" begins instantly with the delightful southern tune that pays homage to her all American upbringing and background which makes Abby Brown who she is. The warmth of the ear-warming jingle makes you feel comfortable with the single and immaculate the authenticity of the vocalist. I like how "Gypsy Soul" evokes a positive emotion in our body while listening. It changes your mood into something more positive rather than dwell-some and I like that quality a lot about the song. The nomadic content behind “Gypsy Soul” was vibrant and we’re positive many other people will catch a glimpse of that vibrance themselves while listening!

Stream "Gypsy Soul" on Spotify here and check out our interview with Abby below!

Hi Abby, care to introduce yourself to our readers? Yes, hi! I am Abby Brown, a singer-songwriter currently living in Seattle, WA. I was born and raised in Cohasset, MA and lived in Vero Beach, FL before moving to Boulder, CO where most of my family now lives and where I call home. My two younger sisters and I started a band when I was 10 and we've been writing and playing ever since. In the last year, the stars aligned and I found myself given an opportunity to do something I have always dreamed of - recording an EP. Although this was a solo venture, my sisters and family could not be more excited for me. Outside of music I have a lot of passions related to health and fitness like yoga and plant-based cooking. I also take any chance I can to travel. I love discovering new places! It feeds my creative soul.   Is it challenging to create music while facing a hearing loss? How do you overcome your struggles? That's a great question. In all honesty, I was singing by age 3 and diagnosed with hearing loss when I was 6, so thankfully there wasn't a huge impact on my ability to hear music and match pitches. :) I have definitely noticed an increased challenge in the last few years when it comes to recording and playing live shows. So, with that in mind, I am making sure I take precautions as I move forward in my music career to preserve my hearing. I want to make sure it doesn't get worse. Not being able to hear music is my worst nightmare!  Where do you find most inspiration for your music? Typically my inspiration starts from whatever I am going through in that moment. Sometimes that means it's about a relationship, sometimes it's a place, sometimes it's about the voices in my head. But at the root of all my songs is the simple and raw emotion that I am feeling or that I want to feel. I love writing about the people that are in my life or the ones who no longer are. Writing has become my therapy when I need to come to terms with how I am feeling or let someone go.  If you can collaborate with any other country artist who would you select and why!? If I could collaborate with any country artist it would be Kacey Musgraves. She is so real and the storytelling in her songs is just so honest and relatable. I also love that her latest album is the perfect cross between pop and country.  Mind telling us a little bit about your songwriting approach? My songwriting approach tends to start by thinking of a catchy phrase or key theme. From there, what usually happens is I will write a chorus, both the melody and lyrics. In my mind, starting with the chorus, or theme, helps me continue to come back to the story I am trying to tell. Next I will write the verses, which are actually the hardest part for me. The last thing I work through is the bridge. And then I play it over and over and record it on my voice memos to make sure I am happy with it. After that I actually let it sit for a few weeks or longer. If I keep coming back to it or it stays stuck in my head, it's typically my sign that it's a keeper.  What’s your favorite element of “Gypsy Soul” ? My favorite element of Gypsy Soul would probably be the melody. When I wrote this song with Luke Bulla, he just started playing the most beautiful guitar part and humming the verse hook and I was sold. I think the melody matches the lyrics- flowing, finding peace in letting go, it just all works in my opinion.


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