Abieye's Releases His New Single, "In My Maserati"

Canadian/Burundian artist Abieye intends for his music to hold an afro-inspired hip/hop vibe. His influence stems from many diversified genres and he's one to appreciate bringing many universal sounds into his music. Allowing music to anchor him throughout childhood, Abieye has been passionately following his calling by creating his exclusive sound. His latest project: "In My Maserati," takes on a strong, lustful subject.

"In My Maserati" blends diverse sonics into the melody, which creates that fun-loving energy that most familiar hip/hop songs carry. Tropical inspirations by the embedded instrumentals, which are only heightened by the way Abieye delivers his vocal tone. "In My Maserati" is the type of song you'd expect to be featured on the top of your local radio's hit 100, as that flow and style he contains is incredibly similar to such songs already on there. Lyrically, the song scratches the surface of listeners' imaginations, as Abieye goes through an infatuated journey, focusing predominantly on the theme of lust.

All we can leave off with saying is buckle up because Abieye is prepared to take you on a hip/hop-inspired, passionate ride with "In My Maserati."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Abieye. After releasing "In My Maserati," how did you immediately feel? Feels good to finally release the record to the audience across the world. the song was well crafted by the best producer, Maserati has to be one of my favorite sounds of the year and it’s the first-ever song I remixed.

What kind of atmosphere were you hoping to create with "In My Maserati?"

Maserati is a catchy song that brings everyone’s energy together don’t matter if you’re going through tough times once you hear the song your world becomes a better place at that moment, you can’t help but move with enjoyment, Adding energy to the listeners was the goal and it’s quite working well.