Absorb Emotion Shed By Katie Belle In Her Moving Ballad, "Daughter"

American singer-songwriter Katie Belle's name may sound familiar if you think back to American Idol S16. 2019 started with a "gold ticket" to Hollywood for season 16 of American Idol. From her journey to Hollywood to releasing original records that resonate with her audience, Katie Belle continues to explore her pop sounds, showcasing her dynamic-sultry range of vocals and occasionally pulling in some of her early years of writing Country infused music.

Tuning into her recently released record, "Daughter," a touching song about heartbreak, solace, and salvation, we're fully absorbed in the emotion conjured up from a piece of this caliber. The prevailing piano-forward ballad comes to us drenched in the more delicate sentiments that come from lived experiences.

Unraveling the genuine quintessence of "Daughter," the enthralling core of the musical foundation has a pulling effect that draws us deep into our thoughts and closer to Katie Belle. The pop sprinkling over this new wave country ballad tours us through the remarkable vocal performance of Katie Belle as she performs with a burning desire in her heart. Grasping onto lyrical motifs like, 'So, drink this wine like holy water and I, try to wash you out of me. And when you hold your baby daughter, well I hope you think of me,' our curiosity peaks.

The melodic croons that drape over us have the beauty of Katie Belle's soothing timbres rock us into a glimpse of her personal life. With captivating vocals that wrap us in a blanket of truth, the vulnerability leaked into "Daughter" takes us to a place that we wish all music did - in tune with our inner self.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Katie Belle, and congratulations on the release of your heartfelt single, "Daughter." This poignant record has our utmost attention. What moment or story inspired a song so deep in its meaning?

The song had a team of writers, although I am not a writer on this song when the opportunity to record this song was presented to me I reacted to it immediately. As a young adult, I have had a couple of heartbreaking and sad experiences with relationships. Honestly haven't we all? The meaning of this song runs deep with me and I have received so many messages from others who have connected with the song.

What does this song say about you as an artist and individual? What do you hope that your audience can take away from this release?

My producer on this song was Josquin Des Pres really was so aware of getting the vocals just right. I feel like he got me with this song. I relived some of my sad moments from the past and you can hear that crackle in my vocals. My listeners have said they hear it too. It's a great accomplishment to take words and give them wings, which makes me very happy.

How does it feel to be as vulnerable as you are with your audience? Does this come naturally to you?

Songwriting, Recording, and performing all demand a commitment to revealing things about oneself. It is inspiring to be able to write or present a song that connects with others. I do try to stay true to my vision and vulnerabilities as an artist. I relish feedback both good and not so good as this helps me grow as an artist and gives me the confidence to put myself out there.

From American Idol to releasing hit records on your own, how have you found yourself growing as an artist?

My growth as an artist has been influenced by many things. I Originally started off in 2012, at the age of 12, with Country-Pop songs. I have evolved to a contemporary pop sound ( 2019-present) which offers more freedom to experiment with my tracks. I keep a journal for my lyrics, listen to a lot of current and classic songs, experience "life lessons" all of which offer inspiration.

What's next for you?

2022 will see me and my team led by my manager, Roxanne Stone, Worldwide Entertainment Consultants, continue releasing singles. I enjoy working with a notable producer in California, Josquin Des Pres ( Track Star Entertainment ) whom we have a couple of projects slated. My next release will be coming out of my Nashville connections in late February. The song is titled "CRAZY" written by me and Kipps Williams, who is also the producer of the tune.