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Ace Wild Shows Raw Emotion in His New Song “Runaway"

Coming from La Crosse is the R&B artist Ace Wild who fuses in a whole range of styles in his music that range from traditional hip-hop, midwest chopping, and even grungy metal screaming. Since beginning his musical journey, Ace Wild has been featured on projects from acts that include Ti-Red, Lil Ithy, and Catastrophy. Recently Ace Wild released his soon to be a classic record “Runaway” and we are absolutely in love.

“Runaway” is an incredibly cool record, it’s got a drive but is also really happy sounding despite the darker lyrics that are present. The quick highlight is Ace Wild’s vocal performance that dynamically evolves throughout the tune, his use of harmonizing vocoders that then flip to an intense rap that reminds us of icons like Eminem causes us to keep going up and down a rollercoaster of emotions. From start to finish “Runaway” is full of energy and tells us the story of a relationship gone wrong, with lyrics like “You made a fool out of me and now I’m going crazy” it becomes clear why Ace Wild felt like running away. “Runaway” features a delicate ambient piano that plays a beautiful polyrhythm with the thundering 808 drums, and of course Ace Wild’s highlight of a performance. With performances like this it is easy to hear why his releases gain the traction of fans from all over and Ace Wild can now consider us to be another.

You can listen to “Runaway” here.

Hi Ace Wild! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are absolutely in love with “Runaway”, it was definitely an emotional rollercoaster to listen to, did you have any influences while creating this track that led you to the creative decisions that you made?

Great to be back! "Runaway", as you can tell, is a very personal track. Back when I released "Hated Love", I sensed that my tracks about relationships were very relatable for a lot of people. So I took the same situation that inspired that track and put it into a different light. With a different sound, a little more melodics, I knew this track would hit my audience hard, and it did just that. Another thing I wanted to incorporate were certain phrases that I've hidden in the back of my mind, which I have been trying to pull out for a long time. I have gone a long time in my life being able to open up, but with things that have happened in the last year or so, I came to a point where it was really hard for me to be able to have conversations about this topic. I decided to leave it all on the mic, and have people take it that sense, which has helped me out tremendously with my mental health. 

While listening to this tune we got the impression that it was about someone completely ruining you and then running away from them, what was the original meaning behind the lyrics when you wrote them? Is there a personal connection to them?

You definitely have a good chunk of my message with how you described your first impression! The situation was definitely like that. "Runaway" has two different points of view described throughout its run time. In the chorus especially, it flips between those meanings. I describe myself as a "runaway" from the situation itself, knowing that small parts of us wanted things to work, also knowing it would lead to imminent destruction for each other's mental stability. Putting myself in the character of the "runaway" really helped me see what I did wrong, and how I know things could have been different if I decided to make smarter decisions along the way. Throughout both verses, I describe the girl in said situation as the one who ran away, tearing me apart from the original fall. (Which was how "Hated Love" was inspired.) Putting her actions and how they made me feel, while also describing my point of view and how I needed to tell her that I was done was really the large point that drove the lyrics. This song means a lot to me, as it allows me to remind myself that opening up is still beautiful, that it's still an art that can be just waiting to be shown to the world. It's really just an amazing product of my mind, in my eyes, that I'm proud to have. 

With having such a diverse range of influences from old school styles to even metal, what solidifies you to sound like you? Do you think you have your own sound and what would be that sound if you were to describe it?

I have way too many genres of music that I listen too. Which in reality, isn't a bad thing at all. A lot of people look at that and try to label you as "this" or "that", and being able to mix things together is where I think I can set myself aside from a lot of different artists. I know that other artists do it too, which is what I really can appreciate. Artists like that I feel can be thrown aside sometimes. To be honest, I don't think I've even found my true sound yet. I'm young, I have some room to mature, expand, all while especially needing to better my craft. I definitely have some improvements to be made, but that all comes with time, and the people you meet. 

It's kind of a weird position to be in to describe how you sound without putting my diversity of music genres into play. Hip-hop artists such as Eminem, Chris Webby, Royce Da 5'9", and Tech N9ne have always been playing in my car or in my room for as long as I can remember. Bands such as Linkin Park, Disturbed, Slipknot, Theory of a Deadman, and Hollywood Undead are what I was really into growing up. There's just a crazy amount of elements that each act has put into their discography that has always caught my ear. I want to be able to do the same thing with my music, but I also get the comparisons a lot. I like darker style sounding beats, but I'm exploring and finding new things as I build myself up as a producer/songwriter/lyricist. But, if there was anyway from my point of view to describe my sound, I guess it would just be a big mixing pot of darker elements, where things can sometimes be unexpected to have on certain sounds. I tried my best, haha. 

From your very first release back in 2018, how do you think you have changed as a songwriter? Do you see yourself delving into any new styles in the future?

Taking myself back to my first couple of songs has definitely brought my growth into a real perspective. My first song had some large influences on it, and now being able to sway away from that has been really cool. I tended to stay to the same vague concepts, whereas now I still talk about them, but I feel like I can do it differently, all while being more specific. My writing process has changed drastically since 2018 too. I try experimenting with starting with different parts of the song, where I was always trying to write the hardest bars I could, without really driving the hook to tie it all together. 

I have a wide variety of concepts that I want to explore going forward. I feel like being the driving force behind my content has been hard, but has bettered my abilities to know what sounds good, and what doesn't. I really feel like going forward with more melodic styles, and even some R&B styles added could expand my sounds. I have started working with different sounding artists, which is also going to spark some different styles. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

The first three singles, one being "Runaway" that I've released this year are all different sounding tracks. I want to keep that diversity going, but making sure it's still recognizable to "Ace Wild". I've got plans on doing more remixes, covers, skits, all while building the hype for my second album, which will be dropping this year. The album is going to hit hard for me personally, as I dwell in the mental states I had over this last year after I lost next to everything. I've been through a lot since our first article together. My first music video will be dropping very soon, with one of the best tracks I've ever made. I'm planning to set 2020 on fire in the music scene. 



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