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Acknowledge the "Red Flags" in The Band Kris' Latest Single

If you’re suspicious that The Band Kris wrote a song about you, you’re probably right, and you may just find that song on their YouTube Channel, where they have become known for uploading a new original song every Tuesday and Thursday.

Committed to sharing their mistakes and heartbreaks to prevent yours, the Pop music sister duo comprised of Jamilyn and Dani has a song written about anything and everything. As one might put it, there are two types of people in the world, and somehow they end up as bandmates. They are polar opposites, but ultimately, they balance each other out.

Drizzling their signature melodic elements on their most recent single, “Red Flags,” a soundscape of ethereal vocals come pouring into your speakers as they coincide with the Electro-Pop vibrations that fluently transport you to a higher dimension. The intricacy that lies in the instrumentation tickles your senses as you become invested in the seamless manner that the sounds fuse in the overall dreamy atmosphere provided to listeners.

The Band Kris ensures that you’re feeling the message that they’re placing fourth with a burning passion. Striking timbres deliver harmonies that intrigue your inner being as you wrap your head around the written content that carefully transmits their messaging on red flags in a relationship. “You finally broke me, this is my last red flag warning,” is the inaugural line of the compulsive chorus that sums it up, all too well.

Taking the pain, they feel and breaking down any barrier in the way of grippingly raw emotion. The Band Kris ensures that the emotional connection lingering in their songs will reach the hearts of their fans in a way custom to the listener. “Red Flags” is an impeccable example of what The Band Kris continues to do best.

In your own words, what does this song mean to both of you? What are you hoping your listeners take away from it?

Thank you so much! Truthfully, this song is the first release of ours where we finally opened up about a very specific experience that affected both of us. This relationship was so damaging that we put every song we wrote about it on the shelf because we weren’t ready to open that door up quite yet. It took three years to finally come to the conclusion that “Red Flags” shouldn’t be kept on the shelf anymore because it could help others who might be experiencing a similar situation. We hope our listeners can find comfort in “Red Flags” knowing that we have been there too and we feel for them. Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when bringing this song to life?

“Red Flags” started with a voice memo that we sent to our producer, John Townsend. That voice memo was our acoustic version of this song but the chorus was not what it is now! John knew that the chorus could be better so between the three of us, we texted back and forth for about two weeks until we came up with the right chorus. It was an interesting process of co-writing through text! For the recording process, John would always send us snippets of the production throughout the entire process to make sure the song was going in the right direction! He’s amazing! Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

Jamilyn: “Every sign I would hide for my pride, now I cannot” - This lyric really hits me on a deeper level in the sense that I was guilty of hiding so many red flags in a relationship that was so clearly destroying me. I had to finally put my pride aside and see the toxic relationship for what it was. It wasn’t just hurting me anymore, it was hurting those around me as well.

Dani: “Didn’t have to leave the key under the mat. All the lines that were blurred, everything that occurred after that” - It’s the symbolism behind this lyric that makes it my favorite. Putting the key under the mat symbolizes letting someone into your life and having them completely take advantage of that in the worst way. The subject matter that you speak about is extremely raw and authentic! How important is it for you to be vulnerable with your listeners? Are there any boundaries that you set in which you won’t cross?

Truth be told, any boundaries we had originally set have already been crossed haha. No more boundaries, just standards...which is to ALWAYS be real and raw. We don’t like anything surface level so it is a standard of ours to always dig beneath the surface. We promise to never sugar-coat the truth! What has been the proudest moment for The Band Kris in your artistic career this far?

Our proudest moment thus far would have to be performing at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN. We are huge Taylor Swift fans so playing on the same stage that she once played on was monumental for us.


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