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Across The White Water Tower Set The Stage For Foster’s Decline On “This Is Where The Light Ends”

The Rockland County outfit set the stage for a grand yet dark musical journey.

Operating out of Rockland County, New York, Across The White Water Tower (ATWWT) has established itself as a metalcore powerhouse in a competitive scene. Formed in 2016, ATWWT quickly garnered a buzz for themselves by releasing their acclaimed debut EP "Phantom Pains," drawing audiences with their relentless energy and storytelling abilities.

With their first full-length album, "If You Died Right Now, What Would They Remember?" further solidifying their place in the scene, ATWWT has again positioned themselves for a breakout year.

Constantly looking to take their sound to even greater heights, ATWWT has spent the last couple of months more dialed in than ever. The result of their hard work is an upcoming EP titled "A Lesson In Heart Safety," which promises to be an electrifying endeavor.

It delves into the tumultuous journey of Foster, who grapples with his sanity and embarks on an otherworldly exploration to find solace. With a reputation for riveting live performances by virtue of ATWWT's straight-up skill and frontman Matt Sosa's electric and charismatic presence, we can't wait to see how this EP comes together.

Until we hear more, ATWWT's newest release, "This Is Where the Light Ends," is a compelling preview of their upcoming concept EP, "A Lesson In Heart Safety." Noted to be the first song on "A Lesson In Heart Safety," "This Is Where The Light Ends" is a powerful portrayal of Foster's decline in the state.

Over rapid and intense instrumentals that signal the start of what feels like an epic journey, Sosa sets the stage for Foster's initial decline. Lyrics like "They're coming for your creations / They all hate us / Hey Foster, they're coming for you / Hey Foster, they want you to die" tell a powerful story of hate and rejection towards our character in question, and ATWWT's ability to create vivid storylines with their lyricism is once again on full display.

With the impending release of their highly anticipated "A Lesson In Heart Safety" scheduled for August 25, 2023, listeners can expect a fresh outpouring of relentless energy and thought-provoking storytelling. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream their new release, "This is Where The Light Ends," available now on all major streaming platforms, and also keep an eye out for their "A Lesson In Heart Safety" EP.


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