Adam Gokcebay Releases "Lately" Featuring Phillipmore And We Can't Get Enough Of It

Adam Gokcebay is a 17 year old artist from the San Francisco bay area who knows how to cultivate us with his personal style and aesthetic. His new song “Lately” was an entire vibe from start to finish. The smooth-sailing single begins with a light sensual but strong melodic classic R&B instrumental while Adam begins to sing effortlessly on the track about missing a significant other in his life. It’s the perfect love jam that most of us can relate too and add to all our playlists where we just tune in to our emotions and allow the song to vent for us.

Adam knows how to not only carry efficient vocals, but he included the upcoming rap prodigy Phillipmore to deliver a rap flow almost imperfected which makes them a multi-faceted and dynamic duo to collaborate on a love bop. Phillip’s witty lyricism and punchlines adds flavor to Adam’s ability to serenade our ears with his suave vocal resonance. The result of this soulful pairing? Is a collaboration track bound to make waves and draw attention to a target audience while also being digestible for various of different music fans all around.

Listen to "Lately" here and check our our exclusive interview with Adam Gokcebay below!

Adam, since you are currently in school, how has it been shuffling and balancing your music career?

Great question! I recently just finished applying to colleges, so now I have a lot of time to work on my music. I try to get a couple hours of writing after school whenever I can.

How supportive are your peers with your music career?

In the beginning I wasn’t sure how supportive they would be. They turned out to be incredibly supportive, helping me write, and giving me their feedback on certain concepts. I try my best to bring my friends into the studio with them to try and discover a talent that they might not know that they have.

Why did you select Phillip to collaborate with on this track! Tell us how that idea was fabricated?

Phil is an awesome dude. I have a couple friends that showed me his track “80s” and I thought it was super hard. It turned out that he was one of my friend’s cousins. She texted him and basically told him that I wanted to work with him. He heard a few of my tracks and was down to work. Within a week, we were in the studio recording Lately, and a couple other tracks as well.

What is the meaning behind your song “Lately”?

I was at home thinking about how much I missed my girlfriend, as she was gone for the weekend. I remember just writing out the chorus in one minute. It was exactly how I felt in that moment. Then I wrote about all the adventures I would want to go on with her such as driving through the San Francisco streets and eating at cafes.

If you can describe your single in 3 adjectives what would it be and why?

Peaceful, Intimate, Smooth

Any major plans for the upcoming year?

I do plan on dropping my first album called “Us and All Our Friends” within the first few months of the year. Definitely will have a couple more tracks with Phil on there! The album is about celebrating one another, in my friend group, to show our growth within the past few years.

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