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Adam Hinden Steals Our Hearts With New Single "Neck Down”

Adam Hinden is an up-and-coming producer and multi-instrumentalist from a small town outside of Washington, D.C. The "Sleep In" EP, Adam's first serious musical endeavour, was written over the course of a summer and completed on his very last night of living at home before heading off to college. Adams music is influenced by the progressive sounds of artists such as Frank Ocean, Ben Howard, and Mura Masa. Furthermore, he seeks to draw inspiration from traditionally non-beautiful, yet personally meaningful things, such as the neighborhoods, roads, and parking lots of his suburban hometown.

Adam Hinden released the emotional and sentimental single “Neck Down” featuring artist Feelds. “Neck Down” is an atmospheric and nomadic tune with subtle yet chord progression melodies that we can’t forget. The slightly depressing aura this song gives leads us into a memorable moment of self-reflection and emotional connection with not only the music but ourselves. The vocals in "Neck Down" were augmented yet delicately delivered with passionate conviction. It truly amazes me how as a producer, Adam was able to correctly emphasize the emotion behind the song while adding a detailed vocalist to paint the image for us in our head. The usage of allowing us to freely fabricate settings and sceneries in the song is what makes this single a hit for me!

Check out “Neck Down” here and get to know Adam Hinden in our interview below!

Hi Adam, care to introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Adam Hinden, and I am from outside Washington DC, but am currently attending college in Wooster, Ohio. I have been making mashups and remixes for a few years now, but my first serious musical project was released last November. I’ve been very passionate about music my entire life, and am incredibly excited about what the future holds for my musical career. That said, I view my music as a personal, creative and emotive outlet above all else. Thanks very much for the feature! What are some challenges you face with producing music? Currently, the main challenges I face involve actual equipment. While living in Virginia, I was able to fill my room with keyboards, amps, and all sorts of tools that allowed me to produce and record music. I had steadily converted my bedroom into a personal studio. However, I soon realized that I could realistically not take much, if any of my equipment to college, as it simply wouldn’t fit in my dorm room. I have since been adjusting to different softwares and techniques for music making. It’s all had a bit of a learning curve to it, but I can feel myself slowly adapting. Do you recall the first instrument you’ve ever learned? I lived in Poland for the majority of my early childhood. While there, my parents decided to buy a piano for my sister and I, and sign us up for lessons. I hated it at first, so much so that the lessons were eventually cancelled. However, I began to work songs out myself, and began to fall in love with the instrument. Years later, after we had moved back to the US, I picked up guitar, drums, bass, and different softwares in a similar, self-taught manner.  How do you manage to tell a story through music? So far, the stories embedded in my music are only truly understandable by myself. I wrote the Sleep In EP during the summer before college - a time of great transition and uncertainty in my life. Each track on the EP represents a different phase of the summer, in a deeply personal way. In a more general sense, the melodic yet melancholy vibe of the project reflected my bittersweet attitudes towards leaving home. What are some of the misinterpretations do you believe society has on multi-instrumentalists? I think that the only real misinterpretations I have encountered about multi-instrumentalists involve the classification of music softwares as “instruments.” Personally, I believe that a computer is just as much an instrument as a guitar or piano. Using software in tandem with other instruments to produce unique, creative music requires practice, and acquired prowess. I’m still quite a novice when it comes to using programs in this way, as most of my knowledge thereof came from simply fooling around. Why did you select Feelds to collaborate with on “Neck Down” ? I first discovered Feelds through his track “Some Reason” with Hazey Eyes. I immediately fell in love with his voice, and sent him a demo on a whim. To my surprise, he responded incredibly quickly, and we began building a track. I unfortunately began to lose inspiration on the demo I had originally sent. However, when I first heard the vocals he sent over, I was immediately re-inspired. I scrapped the original instrumental, and constructed an entirely new song that was cohesive with my summer-themed project. The subject matter of his vocals also seemed to perfectly highlight the uncertain, melancholic vibe of the EP. In all, I am incredibly privileged to have been able to work with Feelds. I encourage everyone to check out his work - the man is insanely talented. 


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