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Add a Little Intensified Mystery to Your Playlist With Dacian Miron's "Call it a Hustle, Sweetheart"

Well-known as the former guitarist of St Petersburg, Florida's Post Hardcore outfit The August Name, Dacian Miron is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Tampa, Florida making a name for himself.

After he parted ways with the band, Dacian Miron took a five-year hiatus from music and returned as a solo artist. Launching his debut project in the summer of 2019, he tends to draw influence from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Journey, Queen, Michael Jackson, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and an eclectic mix of 2000’s alternative punk and emo subculture.

Delving into Dacian Miron’s fresh five-track EP, ‘Slightly Mysterious, Somewhat Delirious,’ we get scooped into the enticing soundscapes of amplified energy. Specifically in the introductory single on the project, "Call it a Hustle, Sweetheart,” we’re immersed in a brilliant collaboration of brightly riffed guitar chords, airy synths, and an enigmatic atmosphere thriving with the notion of reigning supreme.

Dacian Miron’s prevailing vocalization exudes such an array of emotions that each word robustly propelled into the thesis of this song implodes upon impact. Enlisting the vocal talents of Kellin Quinn to enhance the dynamism launched into the anticipation surfacing, this track is the true definition of a sonic journey. “Call it a Hustle, Sweetheart,” weaves you in and out of each uncanny avenue traveled as you grasp on to the narrative displayed through intricately crafted lyrical motifs.

Shifting between the striking harmonies that each artist's luscious crooning brings forth, you’re eased into a triumphant sense of one song coming to halt while the rest of the expedition locked into ‘Slightly Mysterious, Somewhat Delirious,’ awaits your arrival. In this fury of Pop Punk excellence, we’re thrilled to announce that Dacian Miron's latest EP has entered the chat and won’t be leaving any time soon.

Hello Dacian Miron, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. The entire essence of “Call it a Hustle, Sweetheart,” sets the amplified tone of your recently released EP. We love it. What inspired you to make this single the opening statement?

I was bullied a lot as a kid. I didn't have many friends in middle and high school. The super cliché rhetoric of not being accepted by the popular crowd exists. I was never invited to parties, but I did get shoved in lockers and picked on because I didn't fit in with the norm. It made me realize that although I got older, this is still a daily problem for the youth. I know it's not easy for people, so I wanted to make a song to encourage kids to embrace their "outcast" qualities. Not to try to fit in and change who they are in order to be accepted. One day, you will find yourself but don't feel like you have to be pressured into it, especially by someone who doesn't understand you.

Could you please share the meaning behind this single and how it ties into the concept of ‘Slightly Mysterious, Somewhat Delirious’?

Well, with everything going on in the world today between Racism and Corona, mental health seems to be a major concern amongst the general public, which is totally understandable and one of my major driving factors for this track. You see, I wanted to reach out individually to anyone going through something and reassure them that it will get better. I know some of my friends are always thinking "am I good enough?" "Why are others so judgmental of someone they don't understand?" "they said I'm not a good fit because of my tattoos." Unfortunately, the human condition is that passing judgment before understanding, and that will never fully change in society no matter how bad we want it to. My goal is to let everyone know that they don't have to change or impress the wrong audience in order to be who they are, they just have to be happy with themselves. Love comes from the inside, for in order to achieve fulfillment and true happiness, one must love and accept themselves first... And you're more than enough for that. The whole concept for "Slightly Mysterious, Somewhat Delirious" is what I went through in my life up until this point, a self-reflection of myself, for every song, has a story to tell and there is a correlation between each track. "Call it a Hustle, Sweetheart" was the first piece of the puzzle.

The collaboration between yourself and Kellin Quinn brings out both of your talents so well! What was it like working with one another and how did this collaboration come to be?

Honestly, I don't think this song would have had the same feel without Kellin's part. He brought out true emotion in a full aesthetic fashion. Our voices complimented each other really well in the bridge and I'm REALLY stoked with what he came up with. Initially, I reached out to his agency because I know he sometimes likes to help artists starting out. I sent him 3 early demos that I was working on including "The Cure for Sobriety" "Nightcrawler's Revenge" and a really rough version of "Call it a Hustle". I let him know that I was a huge fan of his work and that I had the perfect idea for his talent on one of my bridges. He replied and said he loved the vibe and was down! The rest was history!

If your audience could take one thing away from ‘Slightly Mysterious, Somewhat Delirious,’ what would you like it to be?

In life, you're going to go through a lot of changes in order to find out who you are as a person. It's a journey. It's a process. Whether it's your first heartbreak, changing your major in college, overcoming an addiction to drugs and alcohol, or finding out that sometimes pleasing the wrong people just isn't worth it anymore. You'll get there, and it doesn't happen overnight. I want to inspire people, give them confidence, and reassure them that it'll all work out in the end. "Enjoy the journey" because life is just too short.

What's next for you?

I actually have a lot of new tracks I've been working on. I'm hopeful that after the pandemic starts to settle down and life returns to a steady new normal I can get started on my first full length, and start booking some shows! I'm flying out to Columbus, Ohio, June-July to start the preproduction stages on that. Hopeful that "Therapy that Makes a Difference" will be my follow-up and possibly the best work I've ever done outside of the Rock genre. However, before that, expect a couple music videos for "Nightcrawlers' Revenge" and "Call it a Hustle, Sweetheart" ft. Kellin Quinn in the upcoming months.



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