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Addictive Melodies With Enticing Lyrics; JamesEarlWoodz Releases His EP 'South Hills'

JamesEarlWoodz recently released a hip-hop masterpiece with five tracks that will take listeners on a melodic-fused journey. The 'South Hills' EP begins with the song “Cut a Check”; a trendy urban styled hit with addictive resonance in the arrangement. “Cut a Check” has a sound that reminds us of artists like Future and Young Thug. The song has a catchy, repetitive jingle that will have you duplicating the hook over and over. The next song on the EP is “Guava”. It has a vibrant dancehall type of vibe that is perfect for the clubs. “Guava” is the kind of song that promotes fluid body movement and rhythmic dance steps. The single instantly radiates great energy with its paradise sway and feel, and attractive lyrics. The next song on 'South Hills' is the acoustically riveting bop, “Catfish”. A great element to “Catfish” is the romantic lyricism that captures the song’s intention and theme. JamesEarlWoodz delivers great bars with a solid articulation that showcases his skills as a rapper. He demonstrates his ability to blend between both mainstream music and underground raw rap.

The next song on this EP slows it down with “5 AM Flex”. This song is a sensual vibe you can add to your smooth-sailing playlist. The song consists of late-night jams you can share with a special someone. This is a new dimension to JamesEarlWoodz’ artistry that we find to be intriguing. It is also more accessible to the multiple sub-genres of hip-hop.

JamesEarlWoodz tackles the R&B side of rap music that is sometimes ignored. Regardless, it is a beautiful mix that is appreciated in the hip-hop culture. He ends the EP with “Pumpkin Spice”. The production of “Pumpkin Spice” is soulful with a silk-like texture. “Pumpkin Spice” caters to the women audience with its charming lyrics that evoke confidence and appreciation. Overall, we are able to interpret 'South Hills' as a great melodic project with elements of Rap, Dancehall, and R&B to give the listener an enticing vibe.

Welcome to BuzzMusic JamesEarlWoodz! Congratulations on the release of your EP, “South Hills”. What are your main goals with this project? How did you cultivate the concept for this EP and what was the direct influence on it? Hey thank you, it's an honor you having me here and thanks again for reviewing my freshmen EP. My main goals for this project are to accumulate as many streams as I can so I can pay for some music videos. I'm so used to shooting them myself but this year I wanna put it into a professional's hands. But It's funny you ask what's the concept of the EP because for me it's one-word: Nostalgia. South Hills is the name of a broke down mall by me. A few months back I came across some pictures on Facebook of how the mall used to look in its prime when I was a kid growing up in the '90s and it instantly took my back to that time. The feeling it gave me is the same feeling I got when I created this EP so it felt only right to call it South Hills. Needless to say, I'm very excited about my freshman project and very happy with the response I received from the fans. The first 3 days it hit over 5k streams on Spotify and when the first week wrapped up it accumulated another 5k making a total of 10k streams the first week, and it continues to grow. I'm projecting by March 14 which is exactly a month it will be well over 30k streams. I couldn't be happier with the results and my strong first quarter of 2020, considering I only had 19.4k streams for all of 2019 on Spotify. We’ve noticed tons of romantic lyrics in different songs and verses. Songs specifically like “Pumpkin Spice” and “Catfish” felt more R&B. Can you tell us what drove you to create these two songs? Can you personally relate to the story told in both of these tracks why or why not? For this EP I stuck to what I know best, romance and concept songs. My producer DJ Verdict and I really complimented each other on this EP. He makes the kind of beats where I can really get in my bag. His beats put me in my pocket or niche where I can create my sound. Pumpkin Spice is about a female with a big ole round pumpkin booty that is confident and knows she's beautiful. I wanted to make a feel-good record for the ladies and felt they deserved it. Catfish is self-explanatory. I wanted to write a song that embodied everything about being Catfished. I threw in alot of bars which were cleverly written. I used words common for fishing like lured me in, caught her online, and even threw in Nev and Max who are the creators of MTV's Catfish. Personally I've never have been catfished to the extent of the lyrics written in my song but I have experienced people portraying a false image of who they are. “Guava” had a fun dancehall aesthetic that we liked! Can you detail to us the production of this song and how the creative process for this allows this vibe to come in play?  Guava was the only beat done by a producer who isn't part of my team the Beat Taggaz. DJ Verdict produced every record on South Hills except Guava. Guava was actually a beat I purchased off Certi beats which he named Guava. So you could say the name of the beat actually helped with coming up with the concept. He makes alot of dancehall beats and this one I instantly connected with and it practically wrote itself. I edit all my songs myself and this one everything came so easy and when I was finished I knew it was the one. The only other record that also came this easy was cut a check. My creative process is I listen to a beat on the ride home from work and most times by the time I get home from my commute I'll have the song written and its time to record it in my home studio, right before I have to pick up my daughter from after school. After she is fed and put to bed is when I find the time to edit my music. “South Hills” was a genre-bending EP that showed lots of diversity and creativity. What was the biggest challenge you stumbled upon during the creation of this project and how did you manage to overcome the obstacle? The only obstacle I came across is finding a healthy balance between music and family. I've spent alot of time doing shows, networking at events and doing interviews with radio stations which took alot of time away from my family. My promo run took up the whole calendar of February. I was booked every day and was extremely busy. So I made sure after Valentine's day when the Ep released I would spend more time with them but also doing some lite promotion. I'm fresh off the plane from vacation. It feels good seeing the numbers going up as I'm sipping pina colada's on the beach. I couldn't be happier that I get to this time with my family, but it will be short-lived because I plan on releasing another project before the end of the year. Tell us, what is next for you JamesEarlWoodz? The sky isn't the limit, there is no limit for JamesEarlWoodz. I will be releasing a bunch of singles for the rest of the year. I am also featured on alot of records from artists all over the world and plan on releasing another EP later this year. My team the Beat Taggaz will also be releasing alot of music this year so expect to hear more from us. Because this is just the beginning. Shout out my squad DJ Verdict, Jonzkid, Farkas, M.Woods, and Grillz without these guys Beat Taggaz wouldn't be as successful as it became. Everyone in my team got some heat dropping this year so be on the lookup for us because we're the next up.



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