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Adonis Faison’s Versatility Is Unraveled in His Enchanting New Track, “Medusa”

Originally from Calvert County, Maryland rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Adonis Faison recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.

Adonis Faison brings a vast amount of versatility to the artistry he hones through catchy melodies guaranteed to get stuck in your head, along with his blend of upbeat/metaphorical rap style.

As we take our attention to the latest body of work from Adonis Faison, we’re submerged in the luscious resonances his vocals provide. “The Red Eye” is a seven-track project home to the album's lead single, “Medusa.”

Slowing the tempo down with rich guitar riffs and vibrant percussion patterns, each melody cast throughout this song has you under its spell. The sonic integrity of the instrumentation is a mold to caress the robust timbres conveyed by Adonis Faison.

With opulent lyrical motifs comprehensive in his portrayal of a love story, you can’t help but hang onto each word as it’s carefully delivered with intention. As we’re taken into the chorus, we hear his play on words comparing the apple of his eye to Medusa, who in Greek mythology would turn anyone who gazed into her eyes to stone. Now, Adonis Faison takes that meaning and cleverly flips it into an endearing term that instead means he’s awestruck by this woman’s beauty.

As he sheds croons that iterate, “girl, you’re like Medusa; I get lost inside your eyes,” Adonis Faison powerfully ignites imagery inside your mind to accompany his keenness and the detail pouring from his velvety performance. With each harmony being smoother than the last, “Medusa” is a record that holds an enticing flair, further luring you into Adonis Faison’s musical library.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Adonis Faison! Congratulations on the release of your latest single and body of work! You have a knack for casting out these larger-than-life sonic expressions of your thoughts. With a song like "Medusa," what inspired the creativity behind it?

The inspiration behind "Medusa" came from and conversation among friends on Greek Mythology, and Medusa came up. I explained how she just wanted to be loved for who she was regardless of the so-called snakes for hair, and the song just wrote itself afterward.

With some of your main musical influences being Kazi, Tobi Lou, Blxst, and Bryson Tiller, how do you feel inspired by their art and bring it into your own?

My influences all have their unique sound n style, which I feel sets them apart from making music that fits a trend, so to come up with my own unique sound n style, I just studied their music and put their style into my own.

What can you tell your audience about the concepts heard in "The Red Eye?" How does this project stand out from your other music?

The concepts for 'The Red Eye' are all relatable to the listener in some way, so they have something to hit home, and it was based on a little of my personal life as well. The project stands out from my other music by noticing my style's growth and the different wordplay n metaphorical lyrics.

What non-musical aspirations do you have? Do you find any of these fit into who you are as an artist?

Non-musical aspirations I do videography on the side, as well as video production, and I run my record label called AllDaWayy100 Studio&Productions, so im getting into it. The business side of things. I believe it fits into who I am as an artist. I get to pave my path and help other artists who want to pave their path too.

What's next for you?

You can expect 2023 my name to be brought up more often, with more music, a bigger fan base, and performances.

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