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Afrodite Is Killing The Rap Game With Latest Track “Sorry”

From New York City, we bring BuzzMusic readers Afrodite. Currently based in Philadelphia, Afrodite brings us music that is hard, confident, and expressive with her sense of artistry. As a female rapper, Afrodite is adding to the category we absolutely love and cherish here and BuzzMusic. Afrodite seriously steps up in the game with her lyrical delivery, and even killing it on the vocal side. Afrodite gives us hints of expression from some of our favorite female rappers in the game already, but then adding in such a huge part of who she is as an artist, and what it is she has to say and express to her listeners. Afrodite’s latest track “Sorry” is such an incredibly representation of who and what she is as an artist. Her music in general projects the type of artist she is, and we highly recommend you check some of it out below!

Afrodite comes out with her latest song “Sorry”. She’s giving us heavy Iggy Azalea vibes, it’s insane. She takes the vocal aspects of Iggy Azalea, and produces her own overall execution to be unique to her own sense of artistry. As a female rapper, Afrodite is killing the game and speaking her truth in her tracks, with an undeniable underlying catchy beat. We’re obsessed—“Sorry” has been on repeat all afternoon and we’re bumping along to it the whole time. “Sorry” is the type of song you don’t get tired of listening to—it definitely hypes you up and makes you feel as confident as can be. We love those songs that can literally transform your confidence level, an entire mind-body experience. Afrodite is such a passionate artist, and passion combined with critical artistry skills curates the perfect track. Afrodite killed it with “Sorry”, and we’re keeping tabs on her to see what kind of tracks she comes out with next!

Catch “Sorry” here, as well as Afrodite’s personalized interview below!

Hey Afrodite! How’ve you been?

I've been great! I just finished some summer classes so i'm happy to have more time to make music. 

Can you tell our readers the most important piece of advice you’ve received throughout your musical career so far?

I think the advice that's stuck to me the most is that you're never the same person twice. So it's important to capture your thoughts and ideas as they come to you because some times they turn out to be the best songs or poems later. I find myself writing in random places a lot sometimes. 

How was the curation process for “Sorry”? Did your vision for this song ultimately come true?

I actually wrote it after getting someone upset and I kind of wanted to apologize but also be honest about how i felt at the time. Recording it was cool because the producer, R€UBBO¥, is also a close friend of mine so we recording at his house and he handled all the engineering because that's his thing. 

As a female rapper, do you ever encounter subsequent boundaries within the music industry?

Sometimes people assume I sing, or underestimate whatever I'm going to rap about. Some people put me in a box but none of that really bothers me. I don't limit myself or my art and I intend on being myself both in and behind the music. 

Can we expect to see any new releases for the rest of 2019?

I'm actually finalizing my first EP right now. It's going to have  five songs and I'm planning some visuals for my favorite songs on the project. I'm super excited to share it with everyone. Anyone who comes to my performances may have heard a song or two before but I'm excited to publicize it. I'm proud of the progress I've made so far and I'm excited to keep going.


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