Ahead Of Ourselves Creates A Luxuriate Vibe With “About Dancing”

Ahead Of Ourselves is a band formed in Naperville, Illinois. They were formed back in their freshman year of high school at a talent show! The band has been writing music for almost three years but have waited to release music because it took them up until now to figure out their unique sound that makes them stand out from the rest. During their writing process, they’ve taken significant inspiration from bands like Hippo Campus and Pinegrove. They’re also no stranger to live performances as they’ve played at local charity events with other high school bands, such as Donsapalooza 2016 and Donsaroo 2016.

Ahead Of Ourselves released the soothing single “About Dancing” off their "What Lies" EP. About Dancing has this warmth and comforting sensation you feel during the duration of listening. The backtrack creates a smooth-sailing atmosphere by its delicate and charming wind instruments and jazzy sounding fusion of drums and acoustics. Alongside the delightful tune produced by the instrumentalists, Ahead Of Ourselves voices are just all around relaxing. They don’t apply too much pressure on their notes, refraining from projecting any heavy power yet still delivering a wide range of vocal ability and emotional conviction.

About Dancing has a digestible mixture between laidback and up-beat which makes it fitting for any type of mood. It can set the tone for your highway drives, enjoying life, stereo on loud volume or it can fabricate the setting of subtle sadness. Lying down, earplugs in, and tuned out from your outside environment, while becoming lost inside the music. Ahead Of Ourselves plans on releasing more music in the future and I highly evoke that they do. This can be a big act on the rise if they continue producing quality tracks such as "About Dancing".

Listen to "About Dancing" here and get to know Ahead Of Ourselves in our interview below!