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Air It All Out With LaTasha Shemwell's, "Exposed"

Dazzling the world in her original creations that cast an entire ambiance over the listener, LaTasha Shemwell reigns as a vocal coach and independent artist from Owensboro, Kentucky.

Giving the gift of knowledge to her students through a variety of genres ranging from Opera, Country, Theater, Indie, Pop, and R&B, LaTasha Shemwell caters her artistic styles to a fusion of Neo-soul meets R&B, with a Hip-hop twist.

Recruiting Hip-hop artist, Faces for her most recent single, “Exposed,” LaTasha Shemwell dives into a fierce femme powered ambiance that surges confidence through our very being. Her angelic vocals fit the minimalistic soundscape of the instrumentation seamlessly. There is a scorching motive that lies in the thorough reflection from the lyrical standpoint offered up by LaTasha Shemwell. Touching on themes of betrayal through infidelity, LaTasha Shemwell exposes the person she once thought that she could trust. A topic that many can relate to, she sends out an emotional connector for her audience to embrace as she captivates the messaging and releases it in a charismatic manner.

Faces deliver a poignant performance as he enters the production with his lyrical dexterity. Sending this track into the kingdom of Hip-hop with the punchy edge in place, these two create a larger than life dynamism as they share stories in the enthralling tales paved.

With the vulnerability that is put out into the world with “Exposed,” LaTasha Shemwell grazes the artistic versatility that she swindles as she masters the colossal vocal range and undeniable storytelling methods in her songwriting. Fuse these elements, and we get a top-quality product such as the effervescent anthem, “Exposed.”

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Exposed,” featuring Face. What was it like collaborating with one another to bring this story to life?

Ben Watkins, aka FACE was amazing to work with. He is my sound engineer and primary videographer so we already had that mutual respect for each other's creativity. We brainstorm and vibe together very well.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when fashioning together, “Exposed?"

Exposed is about my ex-boyfriend. I found out shortly after the relationship was over that, he cheated on me the entire time. I wrote the song in two days and the process for me was finally letting go of the hurt to start truly living again. The video for "Exposed" was shot in my hometown. It was amazing to involve my friends and vocal students during this process. The video too "exposed" will be posted on my YouTube Channel and LaTasha Shemwell Music Facebook page on 1/31/21.

With your experience as a vocal coach in numerous genres, do you often find that those elements speak into the art that you create?

I believe that being trained classically has helped me to be a well-rounded coach. I get to teach aspiring Country, Indie, Rock and R&B artists not only how to use their voices properly, but strengthen their range and breath control as well.

What remains to be your favorite part of your artistic career?

My favorite part of my artistic career is being able to write and create music that others can relate to and learn from.

What do you want listeners to take away from the music that you create?

I want my listeners to take away good vibes from my music. With the song "Exposed", I want to empower others that have been cheated on or verbally abused to get out of their situation. My hope is that they learn to know their worth!


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