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Airbag Releases New Tune “Start Again”

Airbag released their single “Start Again”, a soft melody with tons of emotional conviction. The riveting strings from both the acoustic and electric guitar, chord progressive refrains from the instrumentals create the perfect mood and setting for the song. As I was watching the music video released, it was interesting for me to interpret the sudden change in the characters emotions and face expressions when the lyrics transitioned from the depressing verse to the uplifting and positively stimulating hook that was projected with a memorable melody you won’t forget!

“Waking up with fear, you might not be here. Waking up to find, I'm still behind” what I interpreted from the powerful lyrics is that someone is fighting with battles within themselves or a battle with their happiness and it’s being projected onto their loved one. Their loved one however is fed up possibly and wants to leave, but they’re making a promise to change not only for their loved one but for themselves as well. It’s highly relatable as we’ve all had low moments in our lives and sometimes our negative mindsets can transfer onto not only ourselves but other people as well.

Listen to “Start Again” here and get to know Airbag in our interview below!

How did airbag form? Where did you guys meet! Airbag is band formed by two brothers Petko Slavov and Nikolay Slavov. Growing up we discovered we both love the music coming out of our parents hi fi. Our dad’s guitar gave us chance to learn two chords and try to write our first original song with them.

Where do you find much of your songwriting inspiration from? Just looking at people, observing theirs and our own life’s. It might be a book or even an overheard conversation.

Any musical influences? If so who and why? We guess we have to start with The Beatles, Their compilation album 1962-66 was as a cassette in our family player for years. Later on with passing years we went from funk and jazzy music to now more indie and alternative. Still trying to find the formula of making music being groovy with melody and emotion.

What’s your artist perspective on your single “Start Again”? We hope that the song riches more people and they get to know us as a band.

Out of all the music you’ve released, which is your personal favorite and why? Out of two albums we had released I guess “Her Voice” from the first and “View Of Life” from the last one would be our preferred to play live.

How is “Start Again” different from the music you've released in the past? The latest single “Start again” we think it will be a direction we are aiming for, because it has kind of real duo feel, harmonies of our two vocals, a pinch of melancholy and memorable chorus.


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