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Aisha Noel Wants You to Make It Yours If You Just, "Sign Your Name"

Aisha Noel is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and musician born in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Emerging as one of the hottest new voices on the local music scene, she describes her music as Pop Soca; a fusion of Soca, Pop, and the Caribbean sounds.

She states, ‘I want to uplift with messages of love, celebration, and positivity,’ as the emerging artist welcomes innovation and brings a contemporary sound to traditional Soca music with a unique vocal styling that appeals to her fan base worldwide.

The brilliantly structured likes of her latest single, “Sign Your Name,” takes us into a rhythmic dreamscape that immediately has you peeking into a kaleidoscope lens of lucid hues crafted by Aisha Noel.

Her sultry timbres are doused in a hefty coating of passion, as the words she performs are gifted to us in a prevailing manner. There’s a method to her madness with the way she utilizes a crucially balanced concoction of time and space that allows her lyrical motifs to land with an impactful cadence. “Sign Your Name,” tours us through a storyline that reflects Aisha Noel’s needs when it comes to the apple of her eye stepping up to the plate and making it known that he wants her, as much as she wants them.

With a vast array of listeners out there being able to relate to the melodically sculpted narrative interlaced in the euphonious bliss heard, Aisha Noel takes her desires to a newfound dimension, all while inviting her audience to join her. Through a record so cunning, and captivating, we can’t help but submit ourselves to the entrancing ambiance that unfolds right before our eyes; and ears.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Aisha Noel! Congratulations on the release of “Sign Your Name.” We love the entire energy that you portray through this song. It gives us life! Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when creating this single?

Thank you! I really appreciate the love this track has been getting. For the songwriting process, a couple of beats were sent to me by Jhay C, U.S Billboard, and ARIA Chart producer. When I heard this particular beat I felt like I could express myself the most. I sat on my yoga mat and meditated on the song a little. It didn’t take long until I was singing ‘sign your name’ and from there the chorus basically wrote itself. I continued to develop the song, bringing in my personal experiences with love. I think people should be bold and brave in love and in life, really going for what they want. So, ‘Sign Your Name’ took on that same attitude. With the help of international songwriter Darryl Gervais, who co-wrote with me on this track, we were able to collaborate ideas and create the bomb song you hear now. The entire writing process was super fast and smooth and within days we were in the studio laying vocals.

In your own words, what does “Sign Your Name,” mean to you as the creator? What are you hoping your audience takes away from the themes exposed?

For me, ‘Sign Your Name’ means to profess your love and make it official. When I think of the action of signing something, it’s the most official act of claiming what’s yours. I think there are so many situations where people are afraid to express how they feel about someone. Maybe because it’s easier to shy away from it all than to get rejected. But I think it’s better, to be honest with the person and also with yourself. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It shows that you’re brave, that what you want matters to you and you’re actively creating the world you desire. Those are some of the qualities I’d like in a partner. It’s sexier too. So if you remember anything remember Aisha said, ‘if you want it, go for it!’

When you came to find this unique blend of genres that you call your own, did you find your influences of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Machel Montano drastically speak into your own creations?

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, the land of Soca and Steelpan so I grew up loving Soca music and hearing a lot of Machel Montano. My dad who was a guitarist also exposed me from a young age to his music collections that included a lot of other genres as well like Pop and RnB. So in my creations, I tend to fuse the two to get the best out of both worlds. All of my influences are inspirational artists, all different from one another and each bringing their own flavor and that’s essentially what I do. I bring my own unique flavor.

How does “Sign Your Name,” compare to other music heard in your music catalog?

In comparison to my other tracks ‘Sign Your Name’ has a lot more of an international feel. I think this one really shows off my versatility as an artist. Every song I’ve written tells a story and Sign Your Name is no different. My fans enjoy the fact that I take them on a journey with my music. With ‘Sign Your Name’ it sounds like it could be on a movie soundtrack! Definitely a summer anthem.


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