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Aisyah Invites You to "Slow Down (Remix) [feat. Pisces Kid & Zalelo]"

Never failing to leave her audience with sonic breaths of fresh air through each release, singer-songwriter, and producer Aisyah does precisely this with her latest single, "Slow Down (Remix) [feat. Pisces Kid & Zalelo]."

After her breakout in 2017, Aisyah found herself part-taking in various musical adventures, from composing her own original music to writing scores for films. Having been a part of projects like Walt Disney Pictures' Christopher Robin, Netflix's Daybreak, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, and many more, Aisyah now utilizes her vast industry knowledge into her personal creations to further enhance her lyrical stories.

Fast forward to the present day, Aisyah recently teamed up with artists Pisces Kid and Zalelo for the latest remix of her smash hit, "Slow Down (feat. Pisces Kid)." The remix offers an upbeat take on the original song with help from rapper/singer-songwriter Zalelo, while Pisces Kid and Aisyah bring the same heart, groove, and soul found in the initial release.

Listening to "Slow Down (Remix) [feat. Pisces kid & Zalelo]," the track opens with a modern mid-tempo r&b beat that puts any listener into a deep and sensual groove. As Pisces Kid opens the track with his breathy and warm vocals, he begins setting the song's heartfelt tone through lyrics of fantasizing over someone's alluring ways. As Aisyah makes her powerful and bright vocal appearance, the two artists offer brilliant harmonies that float alongside the soothing beat.

Aisyah's verse gives us heavy Ariana Grande vibes, as she rides the beat with vast confidence while her beaming background vocals flutter and soar with nothing but heart. As Zalelo joins the party, we love the textured and upbeat rap she adds to this remix, as it truly makes for a unique and toe-tapping summer bop to groove along with all season long.

Catch Aisyah's latest release, "Slow Down (Remix) [feat. Pisces Kid & Zalelo]" on all digital streaming platforms, and allow the three artists to tug you deep into a tender and sultry groove.



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