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AJ+ Delivers The Heat With “Airplane Mode”

AJ+ is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and beat-maker who was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He has found influence in a vast array of music genres which is reflected in his use of both singing and rapping. Born to Nigerian parents, AJ+ was exposed to Christian Contemporary, and Gospel Music. The music that would play around the house would serve as an early inspiration for his passion to sing. It wasn’t until his mid-teens where he began to fully indulge in hip-hop music and draw influences from the UK and the US scene. After a string of quick covers of songs and rap freestyles on his instagram page, AJ+ is releasing his own music and his aim is to push a different perspective in the music industry. "You know I think there's more..." is his phrase that encapsulates the vision that everyone living should know that they have a purpose, something more than just existing.

AJ+ released his colorful single titled “Airplane Mode”. This dashing rap song was filled with lively energy and a dazzling vibe the fans will love! The beat showed elements of hip-hop fused with trap R&B alongside a lightly pop element floating in the background of the production. AJ+ has a super intricate vocal articulation that stands out from other artists. You’re able to easily detect his voice from others and it’s what makes AJ + more memorable as an artist. “Airplane Mode” was a stimulating record with a coruscating delivery in which will get the listener feeling animated. The way AJ+ was able to extend the dynamics in “Airplane Mode” was a nice showcase of skill and talent “Airplane Mode” was a pleasant tune that will create shockwaves through the culture of urban music! We’re excited to witness the success this record brings him!

Listen to "Airplane Mode" here and get to know more about AJ+ in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic AJ +,  in what ways has your background influenced your style and artistry today?

I’m a descendent of Christian Nigerian parents so either Naija praise, Gospel or Christian contemporary music was always playing in the house. This is where I first gained a love for singing. As I grew older I began to hear more music from across several other genres and really got into Hip-Hop around the age of about 15. Being from the UK I would say my style of rap is very versatile as I draw influences from both UK and US rappers. Also being Nigerian I listened to a lot of afro beats growing up so I have a little Nigerian flavour in my sound sometimes as well. I would say also that my Christian faith has helped me to aspire to inspire people through my music to know that they have a purpose in this life. I’m able to make music you can turn up to and catch a vibe to but also music that will challenge views or make people think and reflect on life.

How would you specifically describe your sound of music?

If I was to describe my style I’d say I’m melodic with vibes when I sing and rhythmic with witty punchlines when I rap, I love some good word play and switching up my flow/cadence.

What’s the most challenging aspect for you in writing a song and how do you overcome this?

The most challenging aspect for me when I write a song is probably how I should deliver a song. I don’t think I really ever struggle to find things to write about it’s more thoughts of “should I sing here or rap” or “should I rap with a quick flow here or use a slower more catchy and more listenable flow”. How I overcome this is simply through trial and error and working on the sound and delivery of my work until I catch the vision I had in mind.

Talk to us about your song “Airplane Mode”. What’s the theme surrounding this single?

Put simply, Airplane Mode is a song about escaping all your problems and kind of getting away from anything that might be stressing you out. Just like when you press Airplane Mode in a plane and just shut out from the outside world. If you can’t physically escape your situation Airplane Mode is like the fantasy of you doing so, so in your head you’re leaving everything behind for a bit just to find some peace. Throughout the song if you listen to the lyrics I’m constantly switching between my reality and the fantasy which is me hopping on a jet and flying away.

What’s next for you AJ+?

After Airplane Mode you can expect a lot more fresh songs on all platforms, videos and maybe even an EP soon, so I Would definitely advise following my journey on all my socials and streaming apps if you enjoyed Airplane Mode.


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