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Ak Stella Is “Running With Ghosts”

AK Stella is an LA-based alternative artist, kicking off her career in the music industry with her distinctive sound and evocative lyrics.

From a young age, Stella performed in various ensembles as a violinist, pianist, and percussionist. At 16, she published her first piece of poetry, showcasing her affinity for literature. She draws from various influences that fuel her mischievous spirit, from Rage Against the Machine to No Doubt and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Her latest release, "Running With Ghosts," further explores these diverse inspirations and her dark musical aesthetic.

"Running With Ghosts" presents an exploration of confronting adversity. The lyrics speak of walking through the chaos and facing conflict, signifying personal battles. They illustrate the persona of a "king who doesn't know peace," suggesting the relentless energy within the protagonist. These themes are a testament to AK Stella's desire to empower her listeners to embrace their strength, urging them to take risks.

The haunting vocals, cold-toned melody, and firm performance create an unsettling yet captivating atmosphere, which mirrors the angst-ridden theme of the song. Stella's layered lyrics, echoing drums, and electric guitar chords add depth to the composition, enhancing the track's eerie aura.

Despite the ominous undertones, the chorus picks up energy, reflecting the protagonist's resilient spirit. It's an auditory exhibition that beautifully portrays the artist's inner strength and ability to make peace with her ghosts.

Get this one onto your earbuds today and start "Running With Ghosts," available everywhere now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, AK Stella, and congratulations on your latest release, "Running With Ghosts." What was your journey like transitioning from playing in orchestras to becoming a solo artist?

It was a long one. Certain things like knowing rhythm, scales, and harmonies translate well into any music venture, but knowing I'm creating something entirely new from my soul is a feeling I've never experienced in an orchestra setting. My whole childhood had been spent playing other people's music; it took me almost ten years to realize I could write my songs until a friend said, "Hey, you write poetry and play music; you should write your songs." That just goes to show how critical perspective is.

How has living in Los Angeles influenced your music and style?

It's influenced it quite a bit. Growing up in a Southern Christian family, I wasn't allowed to listen to non-Christian or classical music or go to concerts until my parents divorced when I was 14. After that, I naturally went the polar opposite and got involved in the hardcore/metal scene in my hometown, and yes, I was a scene/Tumblr kid. Today I listen to all types of music, but LA introduced me to collaboration and live music on another level than I was used to. It is an artist's city and constantly inspires me to push the boundaries of music and my comfort zone.

Can you share the significance of the title "Running with Ghosts?"

I wrote Running with Ghosts while I was in a dark place a few years ago. Life crumbled around me, I was isolated due to the pandemic, and I didn't have a great support system then. My imagination is pretty active, and when I'm experiencing intense emotions, I always gravitate towards writing about situations where I have more control. In this case, I imagined myself as a she-king going to battle against evil with a horde of warrior ghosts at my side. It was my way of feeling not-so-alone. Now the song reminds me that anything can be overcome, even if it doesn't seem possible at that moment.

What message or overarching theme do you hope listeners will take away from your music?

I want listeners to be empowered and feel like they can do and be anything. Some people may think that concept is naive, but I think those self-limiting thoughts are the most dangerous to our society. People should be doing what they love or what gives them purpose; there's nothing wrong with that as long as they aren't hurting anyone.

Can you tell us more about your plans for the future? What can your listeners expect next?

Yes! I have more single releases on the way and an EP release on Oct. 6 (the day before my bday). I'm just starting, so listeners can expect more growth from me artistically. I have so many ideas my head feels like it will explode, but I'm looking to expand and integrate my music with other art forms, including a video game, in the future.

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