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Akazi Takes Us Through a Vivid and Emotional Concept With, "King"

Floating in from Portland, Oregan, the singer-songwriter and producer Akazi releases a deeply delicate single and equally compelling music video entitled, "King."

Known for her heavy sound and theatrical presence, Akazi's passion for music has been growing ever since she began introducing herself to various genres at a young age. Morphing the modern sounds of pop and hip-hop with film scores, Akazi's love for cinema and movies always seems to complement her melodramatic performances, giving listeners something fresh and contemporary.

Opening her heart with her latest single, "King," Akazi tells an emotional and grueling story that's bound to relate with various listeners and audiences. While pushing a somber sonic atmosphere through the ethereal synth arrangement and heavily filtered drum breaks, Akazi is able to offer her profoundly imprinting lyricism and sweep us off our feet while doing so.

Also releasing a music video for her single, "King," viewers can see an emotionally-distressed Akazi tied in a straitjacket while solemnly singing a tragic message of distraught love. Pink hair, no pants, and standing in an empty field, Akazi has placed an extremely pure and evident concept behind this video, reminding listeners to look before they fall.

Listening to the song itself, Akazi's vocal portrayal sweetens our days with her soothing falsetto, all while her lyrical message sings a rather tragic and painful experience. Overtop of down-tempo production through filtered drum patterns, pulsating synths, and floating pads, Akazi depicts a vulnerable message of holding love for someone who's hurt her time and time again, ending the song on a profoundly contemplative note.

Find Akazi's latest music video for her single, "King," on YouTube, and let her delicate and conceptual performance remind you of the love you deserve.


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