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AKEEM Releases "Far Away"

AKEEM (Akeem Delanhesi) is an artist and multi-instrumentalist with a distinct identity. You might find him in Cidade Baixa, a Canadian pub or Porto Alegre’s bohemian neighborhood. He has toured with the likes of Cartolas and Tabascos, the latter of which took him to Canada in order to perform in the Canadian Music Week festival, where he performed alongside bands like Tegan and Sara to Eagles of Death Metal. With his unique experience as a musician, songwriter and producer, AKEEM put together a team of great instrumentalists to record the first offerings from his new solo career, “Cyber Love” and “Lullaby of Samba and Goodbyes”. These two singles gather references from his journey to present day. AKEEM is a multi talented artist that is able to fuse genres such as indie, folk, and synth pop.

BuzzMusic is proud to showcase a fresh new single from AKEEM called “Far Away”. The song begins with ethereal sounding vocals and a punchy yet mellow guitar riff. The synths and backup vocals that follow round out the intro perfectly. This single makes use of a punchy beat and is juxtaposed nicely with ethereal sounding guitar and tastefully completed with synths. The vocals have a fantastic flow to them, and the lyrics are captivating and soulful. Halfway the vibe completely switches up in a strangely seamless manner, making this single something of a 2 for 1 deal. “Far Away” makes use of a myriad of different sounds that all blend together to form a calming, otherworldly yet catchy song. With this new single, it’s easy to hear the multi-faceted talents of AKEEM, and we are excited to see what this rising star dreams up for the future!

Be sure to check out AKEEM's "Far Away" on Spotify, and scroll below for the artists personalized interview!


You have a new single, “Far Away”, that uses an incredible number of different sounds and vibes. How would you describe your writing process, and how do you end up with this much variety in a song?

Actually , this song is a remix of an old song of ours. this year we decided to give a new face to the band and to the new releases. so our process is basically link a melody of voice and guitar ,with electronic beats synths and other layers that come in mind. samplers of other sounds can come in as something extra.

Does “Far Away” have a hidden meaning or message behind the music?

No, it is a simple love song. 99% of our songs are about relationships and feelings :)

Who would you describe as your biggest artistic influences?

Toro y moi, Unknown mortal orchestra, darwin deez (who mastered our first LP), arctic monkeys, rex orange county, cosmo pyke.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

We are about to release our next EP called "rebites" with 5 tracks (4 remixes and 1 bonus new track ). - in may 2019.


Keep up to date with AKEEM through the artists website and socials:


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