Akira AK Shares a Wise Message Towards Healing With His EP 'Autotune + Heart'

Connecticut based singer/songwriter Akira AK releases his stunning EP' Autotune + Heart'. While also releasing another EP titled "Pearl," Akira AK is no stranger to the long hard days in the studio. Striving to create universal pop music that can reach anyone's heart, his latest passionate EP 'Autotune + Heart' does precisely this and more. Starting his EP with the dynamic intro track "Nothing Without You," the song opens with chiming background keys, growling synths and throbbing power chords. While still incorporating a pop feel through the main beat, the deep electric guitar instrumentals give us a riveting rock atmosphere. Akira AK sings lyrics of giving thanks to past love for the experience and lessons learned, he brings an incredibly wise message of not keeping ill will towards the past but growing from it. Although it's clear that his feelings still run somewhat deep, "Nothing Without You" provides a positive take on parting ways with someone. Moving into a heavier and contemplative piece, Akira AK's second track "Mute" shines a light on the negative aspects of his past relationship. While the beautiful piano instrumental moves from loud to soft, Akira AK keeps this track simple with the iconic duo of piano and vocals. He passionately sings lyrics of holding your tongue towards a past lover and keeping your thoughts to yourself to avoid the fire that swells after speaking your truth. We can feel Akira AK's deep-running emotions with this song, as he's finally found words to describe how he feels. His stimulating piano playing gives "Mute," another sincere aspect that comes straight from the heart. On to the third track, "Inner War," Akira AK brings in a broader sound to emphasize his healing. Starting off with soft piano and celestial pads that grow into a feel-good pop atmosphere, we can instantly feel the energy of forgiveness exuding off this track. The autotune on Akira AK's vocals have met the perfect medium, without drowning in effect. Singing lyrics of reason and forgiving someone from their weaknesses, all because they're fighting an "Inner War." This track takes a stimulating turn with up-beat production that surrounds the main piano. He lets us know that we'll survive our inner turmoil and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Ending off the lovely 'Autotune + Heart' EP with "Gravity," another meaningful piano and vocal duo. Akira AK's vocals give a timeless and mesmerizing aspect to his music, the ballad's that he's crafted is incredibly heartfelt and sincere. This track surrounds reminiscing upon memories of past love and feeling their energy around you long after you've parted ways. At the chorus, "Gravity' moves from single piano to a powerful chorus with enchanting and emotionally-rich violin strings. This song takes a deep turn to the EP; we're left capturing the emotions that Akira AK feels so profoundly through his passionate portrayal of lyrics. We've found that Akira AK's 'Autotune + Heart' EP serves us a musical coping mechanism, and how to heal from love positively and effectively.

You can find the 'Autotune + Heart' EP here.