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Akshit Dhall Releases Tasteful New Melody, “Coffee”

Do you love coffee? Do you love the vibe of a hole in the wall coffee shop with an acoustic soundtrack? If you said yes to either of those questions – Akshit Dhall has a new song for you.

From Pune, India, Akshit Dhall is a Singer and Songwriter with a strong wanderlust and desire to play his music for people worldwide. He is the type of artist who uses his lyrics to tell a story and truly connect with audience members.

His debut EP, “30th of February”, ended up being a huge hit, so he has come out with an acoustic version of one of the songs from the EP, “Coffee.” The song addresses the issue that same-sex relationships are still looked at differently within society. Akshit’s recent release, “Coffee,” is a song that will warm your heart and soul.

The song connotes big socks, messy buns, crinkled noses, and, of course, romance. Something about this track emits innocence and security, making it one of those songs that can comfortably accompany almost any environment. The background music consists mainly of a piano melody. Playing softly in the background with the pedal held down to draw out the notes, the keys add a romantic quality.

For instrumental accents, Akshit Dhall included brief periods of orchestra bells and chimes, which also add a sparkling effect. With delicate and tasteful background instrumentals, Akshit leaves room for his vocals to be truly heard. His voice is effortlessly sturdy and effectively compliments his breezy soundscape. Lyrically, Akshit Dhall is sure to melt the hearts with his powerful message. He sings about a lesbian who dreams of the day where she can love whoever she wants to without judgment.

His romantic lyrics will help people to see love for what it really is – love. After listening to the lyrics of “Coffee,” people will be dreaming of having someone to love them that much – no matter who they are – and appreciating that person if they already have them.

Hello Akshit and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you tell us a bit more about the lyrics of “Coffee?” What was your inspiration while you were writing this song?

Coffee was the most recent Song from my debut EP, “30th of February” that I wrote in July,2019. I wrote it when I was touring across the country and I stumbled upon the thought that even today same-sex relationships are a taboo in our society, I remember reading about an incident and I instantly thought to write something about it.

As an artist who uses their platform to spread awareness about social inequality, you are slowly inspiring the lives of your listeners. Why is advocating same-sex relationships important to you?

I guess I’m at that stage in my life where I see a lot of things around me that I know are wrong, and as an artist, I feel it’s my responsibility to make people aware of such things. In my upcoming EP, STORYTELLER I‘ll be talking about a lot of these things that are not usually talked about including mental health. And it’s high time that everyone should know and accept that Love is love and no matter who you are or what sex you belong to, you have every right to love.

Which instruments did you use for the song and why did you choose this combination of instruments?

This project is really special to me because this is my first DIY project. This lockdown made me buy a home studio setup and do everything on my own.  I loved my track Coffee, from my debut EP and I always wanted to put out an acoustic version for this song. I decided I’ll be doing everything for this track on my own. I kept the production quite minimal cause I really wanted the audience to feel the warmth of the song hence I used my Piano and added a few Strings’ patches along with little bells here and there.

Why did you choose this song specifically from your EP to make an acoustic version? How does this song compare to the rest of the songs from the EP?

This song is really special cause this was the most recent creation(from the EP) also Coffee was the first song to cross 10k streams on Spotify and 10k views on Youtube and TBH I got a lot of requests to make an acoustic version to this song. Also, the rest of the songs in the EP were written when I was in high school so, one can easily notice how different my songwriting style used to be back in high school.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’m working on my second EP, that would be my first ever Hindi release. Hindi is my mother tongue and I’m really excited about that project.



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