Album Review: "American Experiment" By Trick Shooter Social Club

If you were to ask artist any question about their personal brand and artistry, some of them may have a cliche response. However, rock band Trick Shooter Social Club knows exactly the kind of artist they are and the type of music they produce. They released their album titled “American Experiment” and this chord progression, jam-packed collection of hits is something you would not want to miss out on! The first song to play on the album is called “Boxcar Racer”. It’s the perfect opening to the album with its upbeat, and fast paced tempo boosting our adrenalines! It creates the classic rock n roll aesthetic with a witty flare added on top of their hook. I like how this song paints an image in my head. It’s awesome to place myself inside the song and let the images I created in my head come together while listening to the track!

The next song on the album keeps this classic rock n roll momentum going. The tune titled “If I Could” starts with a western electric guitar sound so riveting you can honestly listen to it on Loop! The vocals and vibe of this song is more sassy and lighthearted attitude filled. However, it’s a great addition to the album. “Duck and Run” is equivalent to the high speed chase, rebellious journey you on so far. But imagine running into an even OLDER time period of music. The next song off this album “Twisting With the Wind” begins with a vintage “Spaghetti n meatballs” sound. If I could metaphorically compare it says the least, think of black n white televisions and suit and ties in a fancy restaurant with a violin serenading you, that’s the melodic tune you’re hearing before it transitions off and the classic rock n roll Trick Shooter Social Club is known for comes back in to continue you on your journey!

The next song “Carry Me Home” gives you a break from all those energetic singles you were becoming hooked on so far. It’s more subdued with a soft acoustic guitar strings and canorous vocals. The delicate sound is perfect for allowing us to lightly fall in love with the album. However, that all american blues and country sound comes in with the next song on the album, “Until I Die”. The lyrics from this specific song were witty enough to where I can see it becoming a fan favorite due to its ability of allowing others to enjoy the tune and sing along to the lyrics as well.

The devious and sassy blues sound fused with rock continues with their next two singles “Whiskey On My Brain” and “Hotel Nowhere”. The track “The Promise” was a standout for me. It had a more intricate folk sound with various transitions within the song that switched back and forth with genres and subtle mood changes. I liked the diversity it possessed. A great song to showcase a little bit of what they’re capable of! I loved how “Time To Get out” really propelled that rebellious, carefree artistry Trick Shooter Social Club is equipped with. It’s the perfect “Idgaf” track off this multifaceted untroubled and nonchalant album!

The closing two songs are “American Experiment” and “Rolling Blue Lights”. Both differentiate from one another as “American Experiment” kind of stuck with the momentum of insouciant rock which seemed to be the vision of the entire project! “Rolling Blue Lights” felt like a closer. The vocals were beautiful and well blended while the instruments showcased their soft side again, adding a melancholic aesthetic to the album but not necessarily sad. More like a goodbye and thank you for embarking on the journey Trick Shooter Social Club invited us to embark on!

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