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Alejandro Montoya Teaches Us How To “Breathe Again”

Hailing from Colombia with ten years of professional experience as a musician and songwriter, we have singer-songwriter Alejandro Montoya. With roots in Jazz, Soul, Latin, and Pop music, he has been carefully crafting a sonic experience that connects the listener to the stories he shares.

His passion for music started at such a young age that he was able to sing before he could speak. Then, taking the plunge and moving to Los Angeles, Alejandro Montoya could further expand musically by challenging himself with a new and different experience.

Ready to share what he's written down, he calls his song his paper heart as he breathes life into sonic form with tracks like the newly released "Breathe Again." Dark yet simultaneously effervescent, the soothing vibrations of this song have us swaying to the music profusely. You can't help but tap your fingers and toes to the buttery grooves as Alejandro Montoya has a knack for seasoning his pop hits with a kick of the old school.

Adding that familiarity to bring up past memories, he's a wizard at getting into your thoughts and emotions. Dipping between being equally cognizant as he is captivating, it's brilliant how Alejandro Montoya finds a way to bring a cohesive unity to the forefront. The therapeutic framework that goes into this songwriting is another feature of his skill set that we're hooked on.

The words jump out at you, easing you into the direction of the angelic croons Alejandro Montoya offers up. Sending you into the rhythmic motions of "Breathe Again," it's apparent that Alejandro Montoya makes music to connect us to his heart. Listen to "Breathe Again" on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alejandro Montoya, and congratulations on the release of "Breathe Again." With such a profound record released, could you please tell us how you gathered the inspiration for the song's theme?

Halfway through COVID, I penned down some thoughts on isolation, love, and anxiety to understand my feelings through writing. The next thing I knew, I transformed ideas into melodies with some chords on my keyboard. Ultimately, “Breathe Again” happened when I reminded myself to go through the difficult parts and to breathe. Sometimes those reminders come through the ones we love, so in the end, it’s a short letter about love through the eyes of uncertainty during the pandemic.

What was it like for you to write "Breathe Again"? How does it compare to other songs in your music catalog?

“Breathe Again” was incredibly important for me to transform into a song. It helped me reconnect with my producer friend Morten Lava, who has been a key collaborator of mine. He understood the journey of the song musically and helped me lay down the textures that were needed to create a chill R&B tune, which contrasts the beginning of a love relationship with the reality of turbulence due to despair and fear of losing.

The layered intentions in the music come with the Motown-inspired backing vocals. He helped arrange and craft an organic take on the story that is easy to listen to. The song unblocked my creativity after the first couple of years since the pandemic hit, and it simultaneously led me to collaborate with talented local artists like Vivija and Sharaf Entwistle. The songs I did with them will be featured in my upcoming EP, which includes “Breathe Again” too. I feel there is a contrast between where I’m at right now musically, and the artist I was before. I feel more confident in telling my story now. I’m pursuing a path in which I can be proud of the life I’m living. Other songs of mine hide in the metaphor world for their entirety out of fear of facing reality. “Breathe Again” is a clear statement of where I find myself at times. I still feel metaphors are part of my artistic language, but I’m stepping into reality proudly.

What is the main message that you'd like your audience to take away from this track?

After the release, a very special person reached out to me and mentioned how the song had this mantra feel to it. I wish people would take that with them, particularly for anybody listening who is living in this fast-paced, turbulent world. If only we took some deep breaths along the way, we would be able to manage life better, pay attention to what’s around us or who is in front of us, and let love guide us.

How have you grown as an artist from the beginning of your career until now?

I’m originally from Colombia. Much of my music work there consisted of being a session singer and vocal producer for artists. Stepping into the singer-songwriter's shoes was always too scary, but eventually, I crossed over into songwriting and sharing my journey with audiences. Establishing that side of my career took a lot of hard work and commitment to myself. I continue to get opportunities as a session singer and backing vocalist for performers from all around the world, but also continue to grow as a songwriter. I am currently creating original music with my group, moonflower, Elisa Gonzalez, and the help of Renny Goh. Our debut single “río” received great reviews. I also got the amazing opportunity to work at the renowned Silverlake Conservatory, owned by Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which opened doors to many musical endeavors. Songwriting never stopped, but I finally stepped into those shoes. I am about to release an EP as a solo artist this May and continue to work closely with moonflower for live shows and performances.


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