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Alex Beaumont Opens Up With New Single “Nothing Bout Me”

There is a classic saying that less is more, especially when trying to get a point across creatively. Today we are listening to the soundings that is Alex Beaumont. Her tasteful sonic choices in her new single “Nothing Bout Me” are noteworthy, and what makes us want to delve deeper into the sound of Alex Beaumont. . 

The song kicks off with a rhythm that's moderately heavy during the intro, then it's instantly accompanied by Alex’s progressive vocal performance. The drum beat is Hip/Hop influenced, while the rest of the song feels very pop-oriented. The mixture definitely creates something unique and refreshing on Alex's end! Lyrically, Alex expresses emotion-packed lyricism which she's able to successfully carry out throughout the entire track. Alex Beaumont is an expressive artist who ensures choice of instrumentation is minimal and carefully selected, which speaks to the theme of “less is more”. "Nothing Bout Me" is short and sweet, sitting at just under 3 minutes, you leave with everything you need. It's the kind of song you can listen to any time of day, first thing in the morning, mid day, or the last thing you do before bed. Be sure to keep up to date with Alex Beaumont and listen to her new single “Nothing Bout Me” on all major streaming services today!

Discover Alex Beaumont's recent track release "Nothing Bout Me" here.


Thanks for being with us at Buzz Music, Alex! Upon doing some research, it seems like you are from the UK and spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. What is it about London and LA that you pull influence from for your music?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. It's interesting because London, although it's home, it's so full of surprises like LA, really. London can be grey and miserable because it's always raining but you find pockets of the weirdest and most wonderful places, people and artwork, and it just inspires you.

LA is almost the polar opposite. When I first came to LA, I loved the fact that I could visit places I’d seen on TV or places people have shared with me, but I realized, LA is completely different than all of those things. I think that's why I fell in love with it so much.

My music has a lot of different roads and paths as well, much like LA and London. I think everyone translates music in their own personal way. It evokes a sort of emotion that is specific to them. What my listeners think, see or hear the first time won't be the same the second time they listen to my songs and I love that they can go on a musical journey each time they turn it up. So I guess you could say I pull my influences from home, whether that’s London, LA, with family or friends. Home is wherever I want it to be.

The instrumentation choices for “Nothin Bout Me” feel carefully selected and well picked. Was this a conscious approach with you and your producer?

You know what, the best things artistically and musically happen when there is just a vibe - no hard rigid plans, just space to breathe and move around artistically. I started to hear it come together and I knew I wanted horns, but other than that, it was just a vibe and we rolled with it. That's what I love about music. It’s art and open to interpretation, so each show might sound a little different, based on the energy of the room and how well my fans receive my music.

What do you hope listeners will take away from this song?

I think art should always stimulate a dialogue. We, as artists, create things that we put out to the world in hopes it'll spark a conversation. I love having conversations with my fans about what they took from the songs or what it means to them, because my view on what this song was about will be different to theirs, and that's what's so exciting about the art that I make.

Where do you hope you can take your music in 2020?

2020, how are we entering a new decade already! Haha, 2020 is going to be big! I'm taking my music across continents and I couldn't be more excited to see all of the hard laid plans come to fruition! 

January kicks off my show in London where you'll hear new music yet to be released, and I can't wait to see what my fans think about the new material! Massive shout out and thanks to Alyssa at KX 93.5 FM in Laguna Beach, CA, for spinning Nothin Bout Me!! Because of this, I'll be back performing in LA (hit up my IG @alexbeaumontmusic to keep up to date of my shows) and I’ll also be writing and releasing more music. I'm so excited for the next chapter and this is only just the beginning!

Lastly, where can people find you online? When is new music coming out and what do you want to leave your fans with?

New music will be coming your way across all platforms 2020 and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. Follow me on Spotify and IG to keep up to date with my show dates and new releases! 

Thank you for believing in me and joining me on this journey, See you on the road and the airwaves all my loves!


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