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Alex Beaumont Says, “I Swear I’m Really OK”

Adding a dash of spice to the independent music scene is a genre-bending singer-songwriter and empowering recording artist Alex Beaumont with her latest single, "I Swear I'm Really OK."

Alex Beaumont arrives in her truest form, ready to lift your spirits and give you a track to dance to. Pulling from influences like Lizzo, Jon Bellion, Lawrence, Jazmine Sullivan, and more, Alex Beaumont's style brings a familiar old-school r&b vibe with a hint of neo-soul.

In her latest single, "I Swear I'm Really OK," Beaumont reminds us that we will all be okay no matter our mistakes or decisions. She wants fierce women to unite with this single and to remind us that "We are enough, and it is our time to shine," says Beaumont. The new song radiates good vibes, and you won't want to miss out on it.

Hitting play on "I Swear I'm Really OK," this upbeat bop brightly opens with a dazzling organ and a warm pop beat alongside Alex Beaumont's refreshing vocals. She moves and grooves through the first verse with playful lyrics and engaging charisma while reminding us that no matter the mistakes she makes, she'll be A-OK.

The song's beaming brass section brings an energetic anthemic feel that perfectly enhances Alex Beaumont's spirited message. She has no problem changing the listener's mood with the snap of her fingers, changes in melodies, or instrumental transitions. This song is jam-packed with good vibes, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Fierce women unite! Lose yourself in the empowering and feel-good listening experience of Alex Beaumont's lively new single, "I Swear I'm Really OK," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alex Beaumont. We're getting right down with you and your latest empowering single, "I Swear I'm Really OK." What inspired you to create such an upbeat and inspirational tune?

Hey BuzzMusic, Thank you for having me! The inspiration for the song is really an ode to my best friend. We would always go for a drive, find somewhere to get a milkshake, and park up in the parking lot. We would just sit in the car and talk about everything. We’d laugh, and we’d cry, we’d talk about silly things and deep things and make some of the most important decisions of our lives, but most importantly, at the end of it, we would drive home blasting sing-a-long anthems that instantly made you feel like anything was possible backed up by the love and support of your best friend. I wanted to encapsulate everything about that moment in a song, so it’s like a little reminder everywhere you go that you are enough, and it is always your time to shine. The instrumentation was a huge part of the process; I knew from the start I wanted a brass section, an ode to the 90s RnB and Hip Hop I grew up listening to. I also wanted it to be funky and different. That old friend but also a shiny new bop vibe, A huge shout out to my incredible producers Connor Rivers and Jessy Covets, for being amazing and making my vision come to life!

What was the behind-the-scenes songwriting process like for "I Swear I'm Really OK?" Was it easy for you to be so open and fun with your lyrics?

It was so much fun; I had the best time writing this with Connor (Rivers) and Kendall Pennington, who is so talented! We were writing this during the pandemic, we were in different time zones, and it all just fit so perfectly together; it was just all so meant to be! We connected so quickly, and it felt like we were all sitting on the couch together in the same room. We spent some time initially talking about real-life moments of emotion, and we had so much fun writing I have lost count of the number of times we laughed. We had so many lyrics for this song, The tough part was choosing what we kept as we had pages and pages of lyrics! We wrote this in a couple of hours, it was just such an amazing experience because everyone around me who was part of the process fell in love with the song as much as I did, and it was such great energy.

How did you want "I Swear I'm Really OK" to impact listeners? What did you want them to realize or feel?

For me, this song is important for two reasons; this is the first time I’ve released a song as a fully independent artist, so I’m navigating new waters after the pandemic, and I had to really re-evaluate what was important to me, what kind of artist I wanted to be and carve out what I wanted to do. It can be really overwhelming, and you can constantly be telling yourself you are wrong when you could be being kinder to yourself. So this song is a reminder that says HEY LOOK OVER HERE; we’ve all messed up; it might not always be great but let’s have fun because mistakes aren’t always such a negative thing, and we always bounce back! So it’s here as a bit of a comfort for anyone navigating new things or trying to break a cycle! Let’s celebrate uniqueness and the journey we are all on!

Secondly, I wanted to create something that speaks from the heart authentically. I have always tried to be as authentic and true to myself as possible. For one thing or another, you find yourself getting lost in other people’s expectations or bad behavior, and there comes a point you need to take right now and do something about it before you look back and regret it. This song is all about living, loving, celebrating, and being in the moment regardless of the past. We need to love ourselves for who we have become and who we are still becoming in this ever-changing landscape of life! So, in short, love, smile, dance more, regret less, and don’t take any BS! Be kind to yourself and others ALWAYS!

Why is women's empowerment such an important theme in your music? How do songs like "I Swear I'm Really OK" represent the kind of music you create?

I love music and look up to so many incredibly talented women who inspire me to do what I love so much and by being myself at the same time. For me, I feel totally empowered when being 100% authentic and true to myself. I want to create music that transfers that energy to the person on the other end listening to the song. As a woman in the music industry, I have faced lots of “interesting” conversations that wouldn’t even come close to the table of discussion if I were a man. I have been able to see some of this first-hand, but I know there are other women out there who deal with this every day and, unfortunately, in more extreme circumstances. Comments about very superficial things, constant needless comparisons, and the list go on; I am so bored with this narrative, so I’m crafting my own because none of that defines me or my happiness. My songs are here to remind us all that we are ok, no matter our decisions or mistakes. We are fierce, and our time is NOW. Anything is possible. Let’s go!


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