Alex Lleo Will Steal Your Heart With New Single "Long Shot"

South Birmingham’s finest, Alex Lleo, is back via Cádiz with his latest video and single "Long Shot", the first offering from his soon to be released EP, ‘Emanate’. Long shot is such an immaculate, Pristine single with many of special different qualities that makes this song an extravagant masterful piece. A chilled-grove laden slow jam mixed with melodic hooks sleeping and resting through every line, the track discusses the conflicting thoughts of someone at a crossroad in their personal life - Caught between fulfilling a dream, and enjoying the moment. Something everyday people experience in their own mental state of minds. The seeking balance of success and relaxation while maintaining your individual satisfaction is an underlying message I took from this strategical and smooth haunting jam.

On subject of the track, Alex said: “When you’re in a long relationship, the mind can be an unhelpful and distracting entity - causing you to question whether you are happy. You still harbor strong feelings, but in your early twenties it’s easy to wonder whether it’s for the best - without then reaching a decisive conclusion. That’s what I was trying to draw upon in Long Shot.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Alex Lleo is a wanderer in life. Putting that wonder and curiosity into his musical art is a calculated way to connect with his fans and his listeners. It becomes digestible for a wide audience range that can bond with Alex as an artist. The visual representation of that unknowing thought process between Happiness and unhappiness comes in Two Spanish long borders from the town of Cadiz, Chano, and Marina whose interactions on and off the board suggests a strong chemistry- without any conclusive evidence that they will ever work on it of course. Leaving that mystery in the visuals is a smart way for the viewers to stay attentive and mentally try to piece two and two together. I love the instrumental more than anything. The relaxing blend of the electric guitar and drums leaves a beautiful lost in the moment, grazed to the music, feel to the song. It sets off endorphins aesthetically pleasing to your ears. Like what the Alternative band The Neighbourhood has the ability to do.

“Long Shot” is a great decision for the “Emanate” EP Alex Lleo is seeking to release. Alex added:

“I couldn’t be more excited for the next few months. The three tracks from Emanate are the strongest bank of songs I’ve written and the show at the Cuban Embassy promises to be an amazing night. With me on the bill are my good friends Ed Geater and Philippa Zawe, who are both incredible artists - tickets have started shifting, so get yours now to avoid disappointment!”

Stream "Long Shot" on Spotify here and check out our exclusive interview with Alex Lleo below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys! My Names Alex Lleo, and I’m a singer songwriter from Birmingham, England!

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

Well I guess like most artist, the love of playing really came from experimenting with your

mates back in high school. Playing in all sorts of projects and finding out what it takes to

be a songwriter and performer. After uni, It became harder to get people in a room, so I

decided to give things a go on my own. From there, I guess things just took a natural

progression to where they are today. At this stage, I’m out on the road flying solo an awful

lot, but it’s awesome to be able to bring bigger ideas together in the studio and collaborate

on a project. That was what was so addictive about my last project, ‘Park EP’. I

constructed a 7-piece band, with string & brass arrangements, and we just went in and cut

it live. It was a lot of fun!

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Hell yeah! Writing music has always been my passion really. I don’t think I have a set

pattern when it comes to constructing songs though. It usually always starts with a melody

that I’ve either hummed out or played on guitar or keys. Once I have something solid, I

tend to just play it on repeat, trying to hear where the next change should go until all the

parts work around each other.

"Long Shot" is such an incredible song! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Ahh thanks guys! We’ll it’s a chilled groove that’s for sure! Like all of our videos, I like

people to leave with their own take on what they’ve seen & heard. But I guess this song for

me is loosely based around the idea of someone “shaking the shackles” of a life they’ve

felt obliged to live due to circumstance & routine, and heading out looking for new


Where did the inspiration behind "Long Shot" come from?

A mixture of places I suppose. Some personal experiences over the last few months,

mixed with stories & opinions from various people in my life- all going through their own


Great video to accompany the song! Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of the video?

Well ‘Long Shot’ from the get go was all about feel! I started imagining a ‘slow mo’

Californian vibe, and so I began to explore how we might best capture that. I love the

outdoors, and I wanted to capture the human connection between nature and each other. I

thought the longboarding aspect would allow a great expression between the two. I got in

touch with some guys from Càdiz, Spain- as its Europes oldest city and is drenched in so

much beautiful history! From there, we had the pleasure of following Chano & Marina

around their local town for a few days, basically being flies on the wall, and we don’t think

it could of gone any better. From wild camping on the Dunes of Tarifa, to cruising the old

town of Càdiz- I think we captured their lives in a very raw & open way, and looking back

now, we’re proud to of been invited into their way of life for a few days!

Let's get personal for a minute! What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you?

I hate Marmite. Do you guys have Marmite? Haha!

My grandmother was a midwife, she delivered Ozzy Osbourne's Brother.

Currently campaigning to get The Cheesecake Factory to open a U.K Store!

For someone who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your performance?

I’d like to think we bring a raw energy to the room. It’s essentially 4 guys playing

guitar, Bass, Horn, Keys & Drums, showcasing melodies that we hope take you on a

journey throughout

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