Alexa Villa Drops Extravagant Single “Never Have I Ever”

There're specific voices we hear that just cultivate us fully. Voices so distinct and amazing that you instantly know the human its attached too. Significant and distinctive voices including Adele, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, and even classic legends like Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi have these types of voices in my opinion. This promising new devious icon who's a mix of Lady Gaga and Joan Jett or as you may know her, Alexa Villa has that distinctive sensational resonance that I’m talking about.

If you listen to her single “Never Have I Ever” the most noticeable quality about the entire hit is her powerful and authentic voice. It’s augmentative, hauntingly, and seemingly dark but gorgeous. You can tell Alexa Villa has a very unorthodox and creative artistry. She’s a very unique artist that has significant amount of layers you’re dying to uncover. She sings “Never have I ever, fallen so hard” emotive lyrics conveyed in a more bold and “In your face” approach. Alexa Villa has an impressive live performance track record. Performing for Vans Warped Tour and opening up for acts like Drake Bell and Ryan Cabrera, Alexa knows how to create buzz. Alexa seduces her listeners with every note of hers and blends the bubbly pop with the angst rock. It’s her sound of vindication and empowerment that her fans love.

Check out her single “Never Have I Ever” now and connect with her on social media below!

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