Alexander James Rodriguez Releases His Vulnerable Pop Single, "Doesn't Matter To Me"

The Los Angeles-based pop artist and singer-songwriter Alexander James Rodriguez offers pure love on a platter with his recent single, "Doesn't Matter To Me."

Fresh off winning the Rising Star Award at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards alongside John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Kenny Logins, Alexander James Rodriguez is turning heads at a relatively young age. The 13-year-old artist is now kicking off 2021 with his latest single, "Doesn't Matter To Me."

Not wanting to write another love song, Alexander James Rodriguez mentioned that when writing "Doesn't Matter To Me," he came across themes of forbidden love, which can be heavily related to these unforeseen times. Co-written with Alex Jacke and Liz Rodriguez, the song offers an impactful message for any listener.

"Doesn't Matter To Me" begins its venture with plucky guitars and haunting vocal chops, setting a vibrant and heartfelt pop atmosphere. Once Alexander James Rodriguez starts singing his emotions of feeling captivated by someone's otherworldly beauty, we can't help but feel the flair of an early Justin Bieber through his catchy melodies and playful delivery.