AlexanderX Pleads, "Give Me Life"

AlexanderX is the type of artist that offers a ranging, dynamic performance. With a goal in mind to inspire many and create music that is disparate from the current contemporary scene, AlexanderX proves he's on the right track to reaching the said goal with his more recent music.

The latest project offering from AlexanderX includes his single, "Give Me Life," which features ethereal-like sonics that craft a mesmerizing atmosphere. There's a potent electronic presence that shapes an upbeat melody for the majority of the track. Many pop flavors are mixed into "Give Me Life," and you may very well catch some of your favorite pop-like tones exhibited by AlexanderX.

"Give Me Life" was really meant to inspire creativity. Often, artists get stuck in a trance to perfect their craft, a blackhole AlexanderX is quite mindful of. Nevertheless, "Give Me Life" had the purpose of inspiring independence and freedom, as well as instilling in listeners that embodying your own authentic self is the way to go. With the combined narrative and vibrant production, AlexanderX's release sure does give us life, pun intended. We can't wait to see what will transpire from this pop-inspired artist next.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, AlexanderX. Your release, "Give Me Life," features such dynamic and colorful pop-like elements. What inspired the genre style for this particular song, and how did you go about choosing the various tones added in to make it as layered as it was?

As a songwriter and pianist, I've always been able to write a solid piano ballad. In fact, it can be hard to write anything BESIDES introspective piano ballads! So I went into this song telling myself that I'd make something danceable and that has a lot of energy. I was looking to Tropical House as inspiration because I love how it takes you somewhere - it always makes me feel like I'm in Ibiza. And so as a base for the track you can definitely hear that influence with the bouncy bass and the shimmery percus