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Alexandra DeMattia Shares How She's "Leveled Up," In a New Bop

Coming in hot from New Jersey, singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Alexandra DeMattia returns with a heated and confident banger entitled "Leveled Up."

We've gotten to know Alexandra DeMattia's powerful and catchy stylings over the past year or so, and each time she serves something new and exciting. DeMattia is the kind of woman who understands the importance of trust, vulnerability and speaking her truth, which is perfectly reflected in her groovy and conceptual tunes.

Alexandra DeMattia's new single, "Leveled Up," is part of a two-track EP and the fourth installment entitled 'Chapter Four,' which she says ends the story on a positive, upbeat, and triumphant note. Alexandra DeMattia noted her mental health struggles during the pandemic and used her 'Chapters' projects as a way to celebrate overcoming obstacles and jumping hurdles.

Listening to "Leveled Up," it's a short tune, but one that hits you over the head with a powerful groove and an empowering message. The track kicks off with a steel drum sample that opens like a bright summer morning. As Alexandra DeMattia makes her groovy vocal appearance alongside snappy and modern hip-hop drums, she begins to expand on the constant grind and how grateful she is for the career she's made for herself.

Additionally, Alexandra DeMattia continues to close out the chapter of this journey with lyrics that sing of the many blessings life has granted, even during the most challenging times. We adore the lighthearted and fun feel of this single; with all the negativity in the news nowadays, this is the perfect sonic pick-me-up.

End your year with a bang through Alexandra DeMattia's latest single, "Leveled Up," and find the rest of her 'Chapters' projects on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Alexandra DeMattia. We've finally made it to the end of your 'Chapters' EPs. What was the most challenging aspect of creating four different mini EPs about the chapters of your life?

Thank you so much for having me, always great talking with you guys. It was surprisingly not challenging for me. I wrote all of the songs throughout the last two years and they all just kind of effortlessly flowed. I think knowing they would be broken into chapters made it easier since I knew exactly what time period, mood, feeling, etc I was writing about.

Speaking on the single, "Leveled Up," in 'Chapter Four,' why did you want to close the project series with such a confident and empowering track? What inspired you to do so?

I wanted it to end in a hype, turned-up way. To celebrate life and the project.

What did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing "Leveled Up"? What impact did you want the song to make on your audience?

I wanted them to take the challenges life can throw at you and level up, push through and celebrate the accomplishment of not giving up and overcoming hardships.

Is there anyone you'd like to shout out or give thanks to for making the 'Chapters' EP series come to life? Did you work with the same people throughout this process?

I worked with so many amazingly talented people on this project. It truly took a village. Shout out to my hair and makeup team for always keeping me so on point, Aimee & Haley, my manager Henry, my creative director Tal, my audio engineer Ryan, all of the talented co-writers and producers who worked on this project, Tsunami, Dara JT, Auspicious, August Shore, Aidan Han, Jonny G, Majesty, Adam, Alex Nahai, the many playlists and brands who have shown support and most importantly my fans who I love so much.


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