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Alexandra Fresquez Delivers In Her Powerful Pop Ballad "Flame"

It is often said that music allows us to find and lose ourselves at the same time , and this popular saying is truly befitting of the exquisitely talented Alexandra Fresquez. Originally from Roswell, New Mexico, Alexandra’s timid demeanor never impelled her to pursue a professional singing career despite her love for music. It took relocating to Los Angeles and gentle yet earnest nudges from her close friends to finally unleash the vocal goddess in this demure soul.

Still, the most insurmountable of battles came for Alexandra when she had to move back to New Mexico to care for her ailing mother who eventually succumbed to breast cancer in October of last year. According to the songstress, her mother was a radiant light to all who knew her, and it was her faith and unfailingly optimistic attitude -right to the very end of her journey- that inspired Alexandra’s powerful ballad “Flame”. From the meaningfully dramatic keys to her soaring falsetto in the chorus, one cannot help but marvel at Alexandra’s adept ability to channel such profound sadness into a melodious masterpiece. She mourns yet extols her mother’s gallant battle with cancer and still manages to make the song relatable. Like her mother, she advises the listener to never let anyone or anything out your flame- keep burning even when adversity wages a war that , initially, seems unbeatable. In “Flame” , Alexandra loses her sanity while simultaneously finding her peace- this song is truly an embodiment of the wondrous effects of music.

Check out "Flame" here, as well as Alexandra's exclusive interview below!


Alexandra, welcome. It has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you. Now tell me who is Alexandra Fresquez?

It is a pleasure speaking with you as well! I am originally from Roswell NM. I moved to LA about 5 years ago, never planning to pursue music, but through circumstance, and my friends really pushing me to go for it, I started working on my own projects, and absolutely love doing it. I was always very shy growing up, and even though it was my dream, I never thought I would actually pursue it. I recently moved back to New Mexico for a while to be closer to my family, when my mom started to get more sick, however I am continuing to do music here, and I also travel back and forth to work on it.

Your mother’s bout with cancer inspired “Flame”. How has writing this powerful song helped you with the grieving and healing process since her passing? How do you want “Flame” to help your listeners?

I really think it's been great, because it's a way to honor her, and I hope that this song can help others, so that in turn she is still continuing to help others, even though she is no longer physically here with us. I really think that she was a light to so many people, and she gave others so much hope, and strength in how she carried herself. I not once heard her complain, and she had such strong faith. I wanted to do a song that represented her attitude about caner, in that, whatever you may be going through, even though it is tearing you down, to never let it put out your flame. I also wanted it to have another meaning, so that it can be relatable to everyone. The song sounds like it's about this terrible person that you're in a relationship with, but really that person or situation I'm referring to is cancer. Whatever it means to someone, I really hope it helps give them strength.

You have a twin sister who also sings; it’s clear that you must have had a strong musical upbringing. Who were some of your favourite singers growing up ,and how have they influenced your art?

My absolute favorite is Christina Aguilera, I think she is amazing and I have so much respect for her, and really look up to her. I am also in love with Billie Eilish, I just think her songs are so original, and different, and I would love to incorporate some of her style into my future songs.

A portion of the proceeds from “Flame” will be going to breast cancer research, that is a commendable decision. How do you believe more artists can use their platform to bring awareness to global issues?

I really think it's a great way to give back, and bring attention to issues that need to be brought forward. I plan on doing something similar with my new song I'm working on in June. I want to do it for something that's very close to my heart, which is mental illness/homelessness. I think it's an issue that needs much more attention and focus, than it currently has.

Finally, what can we expect from Alexandra Fresquez in the near future?

I will be working on a new song with Andrew Gomez, this next month. I'm really excited about it, and can't wait to see how it turns out. I hope everyone likes it! I will post updates on my social media.


Keep updated on the latest with Alexandra via the artists Instagram!


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