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Alexx Cloud Has A Message For Lil Pump’s “Drug Addicts”

Alexx Cloud was born in PG County, Maryland, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and also spent time in actual Mexico. His experience living in different places sparked his interest in music. Alexx released his first ever music project in high school, which gained him some local traction. Unfortunately after this, things went downhill for Alexx and he started experimenting with hard drugs and had some run ins with the law. At the age of 27 Alexx is proud to say that he is completely clean. We’re proud of you Alexx!  Instead of viewing his past as something negative, he uses it to inspire others around him to get up and change their lives.

Alexx Cloud provides substance for his listeners. He wants to inspire people to live the best and healthiest lives possible. With this being said, he does not agree with Lil Pump’s message in his song “Drug Addicts” because it gives the impression to young people that drugs are “cool” when they are.. obviously not! To try and make some positive change in the world, Alexx released a Lil Pump Drug Addicts Parody that sends out a message to Lil Pump. In his music video Alexx dresses up as Lil Pump and raps:

“Don’t get it twisted though, this ain’t a diss song this is just a message to him, Lil Pump he be doin’ things, he be getting money, he a big influence, I just wish his approach was different”

I love the message that Alexx is putting out in his Lil Pump Parody because there are too many influential artists in the industry that are promoting substance abuse when we need to be sending out the total opposite message. In the track Alexx talks about his past with drug abuse and makes it clear that it is not the glamourous life that these rappers make it out to be. Alexx, we love the message that you’re sending out to fans, don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing!

Listen to "Drug Addicts" here and get to know more about Alexx Cloud below!

Hey Alexx, we love this parody! What made you want to do a this take on “Drug Addicts” by Lil Pump?

To be honest. I dont want anyone to get it twisted. I am not a parody rapper. At all. Never will be. It was something that happened last minute. One of those things another label has control over. The title, the direction of the song, all of that. It is sort of an example of what goes on in the industry. Control. I dont like to be controlled but at the end of the day, it is a business and it is what it is. The song still has a special message, I feel like I did my thing, and its here. It was to bring some substance and also prove my case that I can go on any beat. With any style. And any given point. Plus the visuals are really good and well put together.

What is the main message that you want people to get from listening to your parody on Lil Pump’s “Drug Addicts”?

Obviously. Dont do drugs. Because you could end up like me. I'm not one of those people that is going to disrespect anyone for doing drugs. Then I would be a walking contradiction. But just to bring more awareness. In my eyes, the youth control a good majority of the music industry and are influenced the most by what artists be saying in their songs. So I am just offering a different perspective. I dont label myself as anything. I just rap about my life and the experiences I have gone thru. Good or bad. 

Thanks for opening up to us about your past. How does your history impact the music that you create today?

Kind of like I said before. I dont hide from the fact that I was the definition of a drug abuser. I'm not ashamed of it. I wouldnt change anything about my past. Some of my darkest times are some of my greatest songs. It is almost like I accidentally sacrificed my life to help others. I just want to give back to the community. Witing songs about my experiences, or how I feel in present time, or whatever it is. I just want to be a symbol of hope and continue to make relatable music. 

What are some of the biggest challenges that you’ve had to face in the music industry? How did you overcome them?

Everything. From being controlled by labels. To sacrificing friendships or relationships. It is my dream. And if you dont have a dream you dont really got shit. Whatever it is that you like to do and enjoy doing, then do it. The biggest thing I have had to overcome and still overcoming is the battle with myself. I'm over battling other people. That's them. You are in control of your own destiny, and you have to conquer yourself before you can conquer the dream.

Whats next for you Alexx?

My sophomore album "And Yet Here We Are" will be releasing this summer, 2019, with some pretty big features on it. So I'm excited. As far as what people should know about me? Three words. I Got Next.


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