Alias None Is Delivering Energetic Bangers "25/8"

Alias None has a one of a kind style and voice with a very rough-edge and unique flow paired with soft and smooth melodies making him well known for his versatility. Alias None isn't a stranger to voicing out his opinion on what we take in as "Hip Hop" these days and is known for taking shots at artists for faking their careers - some to never to return to music. Alias None began playing various instruments at the age of 10 and started playing around with Hip Hop further in his life around 2007 when he was just seventeen. Later Alias None would then join with Tyrant and then Johnny Manic forming, Fac3Valu3 to do some minor touring and some notable shows. It wasn’t until 2018 that Alias None started taking music serious and leaving the mentality of it being a hobby behind. Alias None released his hyphy banger “25/8”. I played this song on full volume and saw how it caught the attention of not only myself but others around me. It has that special effect to garner an audience and attract listeners. Maybe it’s Alias None's gritty, unique and out of the ordinary rap voice? Maybe it’s the gaudily, extravagant, dark - yet chilly aggressive rap beat? Or maybe it’s the hard-hitting lyricism with the impeccable delivery and insane flow.Whatever it is, “25/8” instantly gravitates you towards the banging record. It has the potential of not only serving as a radio hit but a party hit to share with all your friends! It’s perfectly fitting for the current trend of rap culture. Lately, hip-hop fans been vying for the bold and in your face rap style that’s been lacking in certain areas of the rap game. Alias None is here to fill that void of raw talent and charisma we didn’t know we desperately needed!

Check out Alias None's new song "25/8" and learn more about the meaning behind the song from Alias None himself!

Hey there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey, so my name is Colin Rankin (Alias None). I'm from the East Coast of Canada. I was born in Fredericton, the Capital of New Brunswick and I grew up between there and Saint John.

What inspired you to start rapping?