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Alice Austin Asks, “Could I Come Back" In New Single

The LA-based musician keeps us on our toes with this fresh new release.

A dynamic musician whose music career saw her move from her native Vermont to the sunset-soaked streets of Los Angeles, Alice Austin has always been destined for big things.

A versatile artist who defies characterization, she’s held her audiences spellbound with enchanting releases like “Left One In The Rain” and “Goodnight Euphoria.” With her latest album, “Break The Spell,” by all accounts, maintaining and at some points even exceeding the standard she set for herself with her previous soft rock album, “Goodnight Euphoria,” this artist’s flame will continue to burn brighter than ever.

By all accounts, a musical shapeshifter, Austin’s latest album, “Break The Spell,” manifests Austin’s artistic ethos. Shedding the soft rock influences of “Goodnight Euphoria” for retro synth pop influences instead, “Break The Spell” shows Austin’s ability to keep the hits rolling no matter the genre.

Through channeling her artistic talents, genuine love for her craft, and a sixth sense for addictive melodies, Austin has forged genuine connections with her listeners through her music, something all too rare in the current scene. As she continues to release hit after hit, we can’t wait to see what musical direction her fancy will take us next.

“Could I Come Back” is one of Austin’s recent releases and a standout offering, even with the stacked list for “Break The Spell.” Featuring spellbinding synth instrumentals with a delicious old-school vibe, “Could I Come Back” is a sonically expansive offering that’s sure to be a hit with fans of the retro synth-pop genre. Accompanied by a gorgeous music video that sees Austin dust off her rollerblades, there’s a little something for everyone.

Describing the music video as “a fun expression of 80’s arcade and roller skate daydreams”, the vocal and visual performance feel perfectly matched. Austin’s dreamy vocals pull you into her hazy dream soundscape as she jams, skates, and sings on camera. The tasteful use of hazy and saturated filters enhances the old-school vibe of the video, making the whole project a cohesive and enticing release.

Effortlessly making a hairpin turn from the heady psychedelic indie rock of “Goodnight Euphoria” for cotton candy-sweet pop reminiscent of a first date at the county fair on “Break The Spell,” Alice Austin continues her impressive run of diverse releases.

Whenever you’re ready to be transported into the vast, dreamy soundscape she’s created, tap in and stream her new release, “Could I Come Back,” and her whole “Break The Spell” album, available on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alice Austin! We loved “Could I Come Back.” It had such a classy retro vibe to it! We had to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song?

Could I Come Back is the second track off my new album, Break The Spell, which just dropped July 7th. The whole album has this aesthetic because I just wanted to do an old-school record with real players, real instruments, and songs that feel familiar but completely new. I chose this one for the official video because it is simply fun to move to.

What was your favorite part of bringing your vision for “Could I Come Back” to life?

Collaborating with talented people who have great ideas is always the most fun part for me. This is the second album I’ve done with my producer and friend David Drouin, and mixing engineer Timothy Phillips. And the video was also a blast with the director, Harry Katz, the crew, and my band. I love putting my trust in people and seeing their ideas spark based on how they hear the music.

You recently released your album “Break The Spell,” right? Other than “Could I Come Back,” do you have any favorites on that album?

The last song on the album, “That’s Where I Live,” is one of those that just brings me comfort.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

Well, I’d play it for them, haha… but I’m a songwriter at heart, and I love to experiment with different genres. My last album, Goodnight Euphoria, had mostly a vintage 70s soft rock vibe, and Break the Spell has an 80s synth-pop sound.

What’s next for Alice Austin?

On September 1st, I’m releasing the Deluxe version of Break The Spell on Bandcamp only. It includes an acoustic demo track and a cover of Cyndi Luper’s “All Through The Night.”


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