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Alicia G Takes Us to a Different Country Hoedown in Her New Music Video

Singer-songwriter and hip-hop/pop crossover artist Alicia G is heading into the realm of pop/country with her latest single and music video entitled "Daisy Duke Two Step."

Alicia G has made a name for herself over the past two years by putting her music on the map with hits like "It's Little But It Jiggles" and her recent Christmas ballad "You're My Favorite Holiday." All of her creations showcase vast attention to detail, masterful melodies, and an artistic approach that's just as versatile as it is authentic.

Recently dropping her lively music video for the country-rave single "Daisy Duke Two Step," the video has already amassed impressive 19k views on YouTube in less than a month. The video isn't your usual honky tonk Nashville-inspired hoedown, but more of an energetic cross between modern pop aesthetics and the core characteristics of country bangers and get-downs.

Jumping into the new music video for "Daisy Duke Two Step," we're greeted with Alicia G putting the pedal to the metal and rolling up to the event. As she steps out of her car, the crowd of partiers welcomes Alicia G with open arms, drinks, and more. As they head into the barn, that's where the real party starts.

Before we know it, Alicia G and two background dancers hit the stage and get down with the song's lively blend of country and electro-pop. As she continues mesmerizing her audience with her magnetic stage presence, country-inspired dance moves, and rather sultry performance, the video heads to the outro with nothing but energy, perfectly showcasing the epitome of country bangers merged with modern pop aesthetics.

Get down with the "Daisy Duke Two Step" through Alicia G's latest music video, now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alicia G. We're totally impressed with the authentic feel you've brought to your music video for "Daisy Duke Two Step." What inspired you to create the energetic song itself?

What inspired my new song “Daisy Duke Two Step”, is I have always been a pop hip-hop artist, and then after hearing the song “Get Ready” by Blake Shelton and Pitbull … I’m like if they can blend a mix of pop hip-hop with a country I can too!

Why did you choose to create a not-your-usual country party scene through the "Daisy Duke Two Step" music video? Who helped you develop this idea?

Seeing “Daisy Duke Two Step” was my first ever country-pop song I wanted to be different I wanted to stand out! At the end of the day, I wanted that feel of go big or go home and I never go home without what I want! My amazing Music Producer Andrew Lane Who is a multi-platinum award-winning helped develop the idea for the song!

What was it like shooting the music video for "Daisy Duke Two Step"? Did you have a team help make this process easier for you?

I actually storyboarded out the whole music video. The company that filmed and edited the music video was No Apology Productions. The song was produced by Adam Lang Multiplan award when he’s producer. It was a team of amazing people who I am very thankful for!

It was filmed at Freedom Run Winery, a beautiful winery, and a historical landmark. We had over 30 extras for the whole film crew it was a whole production and I enjoyed every single moment of it!

What do you hope to make the listener feel when watching the lively music video for "Daisy Duke Two Step"? What did you want them to take away from this experience?

What I want people to take away from my music is it’s OK to smile, it’s OK to be you, it’s OK to have fun, it’s OK to be the real you and enjoy every single moment!

What's next for you?

The sky’s the limits! Going to be working on four new country-pop songs along with a holiday song and 5 new music videos for 2022! Alicia G she’s gone country! Boom Boom Baby!


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