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Alisha Pace Releases Self-Love Country Anthem “Like I Like Me”

Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Alisha Pace brings bubbly, sassy energy to her country music. It was clear from a young age that Alisha was meant for a stage and spotlight; her mother claims she used to “sing herself to sleep in her crib.” Alisha Pace began performing at a community theatre at age 8 in musical theatre, then soon transitioned into vocals. Although she maintained her acting career, Alisha put the majority of her focus on her country music career. She competed across Texas throughout high school before she ended up recording for a local label “SingTop10.” After completing her bachelor’s degree, Alisha formed a band that has been successful in competing and performing in Waco, Texas. Currently, she is living in Nashville and focusing on performing locally and co-writing her new music, including her recent release “Like I Like Me.”

“Like I Like Me" starts with an upbeat instrumental, made up of a spaced-out drum beat and electric guitar. Alisha Pace spotlights her energetic voice from the start of “Like I Like Me,” and it only continues to impress her listeners. As the drumbeat picks up the guitar melody also fills the background, along with various small percussion sounds. Occasionally, the background music ceases to emphasize certain lyrics. The combination of the playful instrumental and vibrant vocals makes “Like I Like Me” a song you will want to shimmy your shoulders too. Alisha Pace captures her audience through her lyrics; her radiating confidence is simply contagious. “Like I Like Me” is an anthem of self-love that will boost your spirits with one listen. She sings about a love interest, validates many common human emotions, and emphasizes the importance of liking herself first. Alisha Pace sends an inspiring message to her audience about prioritizing their happiness in her new, sprightly song “Like I Like Me.”

Listen to “Like I Like Me" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Alisha! We are huge fans of your inspiring message in your new release “Like I Like Me.” Can you elaborate on your message and what it means to you?

Hi Buzz!! Absolutely! Thankful to have my music noticed by y'all! As a single 20-something, I've been guilty of falling in "like" quite regularly, while dating. "Like I Like Me" champions the idea of setting some priorities in the dating game, and also being in "like" with yourSELF. Cause, no matter how much you like a person, if they're treating you poorly, it's time to activate your self-like and move the heck on. :)

Although country music is your favorite genre, you mentioned that you also love CCM, Jazz, Acoustic, Pop-Rock, and Broadway. Do you find that your love for these genres influences your music style at all?

Oh one hundred p! I believe that what you listen to as a young person in the world has a forever and nostalgic impact on what your ears gravitate to and where your mind tends to go while writing, both melodically and lyrically.

You spent a summer in Nashville, then after completing your education in Texas, you moved back to Nashville. Can you tell us why you chose this place as a hub for creating your music? What does Nashville mean to you?

When I interned in Nashville for a summer, I was working in sales for a dental distribution company. Every day after work, I'd go to some show and I'd see these girls on a stage doing what I had wanted to do my whole life. I'd watch them and I would think, "I could do this..I really think I could do this." It's like this city just has some type of magic that can't be ignored, that tells you that anything might be possible. In that way, Nashville has changed my life and changed me forever. And I couldn't stay away.

You have competed in a variety of events including season 11 of American Idol. What was your most memorable competition, and how has it affected the type of artist you are today?

American Idol tops all of them. It taught me that committing to working on something really does have value. When I got the ticket, it was under the premise that I still had some work to do on my voice. In between then and Hollywood, I was more committed to the voice lessons that I’d ever been before. Through that, I learned for the first time that the voice really is a muscle, and can change and grow in range and ability, when you work it out. I owe any vocal ability I may have to just getting the golden ticket.

What can fans expect next from you, Alisha Pace? Thank you for being here and talking with us. We can't wait to hear your next move!

I have a couple of things planned for the year! A music video, an EP with four more songs, and a potential YouTube series with an alter-ego named Delisha.


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