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Alix Perti Blends Tonalities of Multiple Worlds into his Latest Intoxicating Single "Quarantea"

Vincent Aliperti is the surrealist musical artist performing as Alix Perti, who amalgamates hues of South Asian melodies with the psychedelia effect of 70's rock—but with a contemporary rendering. His initial notoriety stemmed from his productions that landed on a far bordering genre: Hip-hop.

Once the budding producer discovered the affluence for weaponizing his passion through scintillating guitars, filtering, and oscillating effects and vocal hooks that adorn a feverishly addicting afterglow—it was time he made an unprecedented change. His latest addition to his growing catalog is made up of the same manifestations of that new sonic vehemence, and it's titled, "Quarantea," fitting a contagious groove within a middle easter-vibed environment.

With the reflective tinge of a brightly textured acoustic guitar, Alix Perti swoops down with a discerning alternative rock rasp in his voice as the blithe instrumentations found on this single takes us a world's away from the Wester aesthetics of top 40 music. He still exhibits some of his influential Hip-hop inspirations in the form of sparse but riffling flows over a bouncy measure that exudes confidence in his verses, but his aesthetic shines more rousing when we reach the hooking interjections of the chorus.

The entirety of "Quarantea," and its production highlights Perti in a new and enamoring way though the transportive melodies that the string samples produce amongst the world music reminiscent scales playing over the multitude of robust and infatuating acoustics here.

His hook takes a turn over the Emcee-like flow of his verses, transversing into echoing chants that erupt over an intoxicating incantation steered by the songster's saturated croons, and the oscillating string orchestrations that come attached to his Alternative fantasia. It's playback that garnishes this Long Island up-and-comer with notable affluence for versatility and innovation when it comes to his own unique sound.

Listen to "Quarantea" here.

Hello Alix and welcome back to BuzzMusic, it's great to catch up with you. Can you tell us about some of the breakthroughs you've been steering for in your Musical career? How close do you feel like you are to attaining them right now?

I think I'm close to really finding my footing. When you genre-bend as much as I do, it's hard to not get carried away. I don't think people will really be able to see what Alix Perti is really about for another year or two since I'm still making music in my basement studio (and bankrupting myself doing so) but the proof of concept is there.

What's the quintessential characteristic of your songwriting and singing that you're still striving to develop to benefit your musical identity and sound?

Creating different characters and storylines through a linear song structure or project is always something I found fascinating...and since I have a background in filmmaking I think naturally I try to make my music a bit cinematic. I want to make AlixPerti a place where people can go to gain a new perspective or feeling about certain subjects with visceral sounds.

How do you excite your creative sparks during times when your productive impulses are just not influencing you on the right path artistically, and did you find yourself channeling those starters for "Quarantea"? 

To keep things exciting for myself as a songwriter I had to step outside of my experiences for this. At no point in this song am I talking about myself? Instead with Quarantea, I wrote the verses to be from the perspectives of a wife (Verse 1), husband (Verse 2), and child (Verse 3), going through a bad divorce in a time of quarantine (Also the chorus can be looked at as a divorce lawyer). I felt it was something people in the world could relate to. I attempt to demonstrate these characters by making my voice higher and feminine for the wife, then humorously masculine for the husband, and finally soft for the child's outro, which is overpowered by the bass to represent how kids can feel diminished through a divorce. As well as panning the Synth Strings left (A watery sound to represent the feminine archetype for the wife) and the Lead Guitar right (A heavy, almost western rock sound for the husband) to show isolation between the two (Some of those visceral sounds I was talking about.)

When you think about the story behind "Quarantea," what would you characterize as being the most significant take away for your audience from this experience?

That these are dangerous times and violence (fueled by alcoholism) is a big character in this song. It's supposed to be scary but optimistic in a way that I hope people can be understanding with each other and respectful of certain situations...and to really appreciate what you have. So don't drink the Tea!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I know everyone needs music now more than ever to get through a hellish year like this, I've been nonstop working to make a (surprisingly) feel good mixtape coming really soon that I think might just save the day.

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