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Alix Perti Creates a Colorful Fusion of Styles in "Circles in Squares"

Alix Perti is a Long Island-based surrealistic alternative artist who's dedicated to fusing genres and taking the audience to never before heard soundscapes. Alix originally started off producing hip-hop and then was swept by psychedelic and punk rock. Alix recently released his EP 'Manic Love Mania' and from this EP is the exciting new single, "Circles in Squares" and it delivers Alix's promise of delivering expression in the purest form.

This release features edgy driven drums that feel almost electronic, grungy guitars that flip from being overdriven and clean, and a high energy vocal that is full of catchy melodies and lyrics. From the moment "Circles in Squares" begins, Alix does not hold back on giving 110% of his energy that leads straight into its anthemic chorus. The vocals in this track have that classic punk rock sound to them, while other elements are a fusion of hip-hop and rock. It's a fresh mix of styles that will be hard to forget. After hearing this, we are definitely excited to listen to the rest of the 'Manic Love Mania' EP and you should be too.

Stream "Circles In Squares" here, and get to know more about Alix Perti in our interview below.

Hey there Alix Perti! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're loving that really interesting blend of styles you have in "Circles in Squares"! How did you come to the tones of the various parts? That hip hop rock hybrid drum sound is super cool to hear. I am someone who is fascinated by past eras of rock but was raised on hip hop. I wanted to reflect that fusion in my first EP by using all-analog circuitry with my guitar but mixing it with hip hop drum programming to give me a platform that expresses my rapping tendencies We're loving how you go straight into a chorus at the beginning of the song, not holding back at all! What had inspired the songwriting to make this decision? Did you have any influences that helped with the artistic direction of the record? It's much like ripping a band-aid off… Meant to capture the feeling of impulsive behavior which is why it explodes right at the start. Also, I get bored very easily so I've always liked the concept of throwing the audience right into the action, and then as the song goes on to explain how we got there. My influences for this track range from Paul McCartneys screaming energy on "Helter Skelter" to Eminem's witty F*** You songs.

Being close to New York city definitely is exciting, it being one of the industrial cities of the world. How has being where you have influenced the art that you are creating? How do your personal experiences influence the music? Well (like the city) it's very fast-paced. I know all too well what it's like to be stuck on slow trains/long commutes. So maybe somewhere in my subconscious, I was hoping the music's energy would speed the damn Long Island Rail Road up! But in all seriousness, I've been to countless events and concerts in NYC and I'm always overwhelmingly inspired. Whenever I walk out of MSG I have a mental blueprint of how I would one day set up my stage design there. I am very grateful to be so close to the source and that definitely adds fuel to the fire. We are loving the lyrical messages that you are conveying in this release, it keeps both honest and catchy at the same time. How does the story of "Circles in Squares" contribute to the colorful "Manic Love Mania" EP? Is there a connection between the songs?

Circles in Squares is the act of trying to make something you know isn't possible happen, no matter how much damage it does. I used shapes as a metaphor on this project by trying to (literally) mend a circle into a square, but unfortunately never does. Whether it is a relationship or any toxic situation in general. This along with the aggression of “Lips" is the ripping off of that band-aid 

I metioned earlier and coming to that realization. “Open Heart” is the like the open wound, which is why the latter half of the EP is much more vulnerable. "Eyes” brings it all together when stating “I turned a circle into an oval” because the circle never mended into the square…furthest it got was an oval. (Which happens to be the same shape as an Eye).



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