Alizée Fills Up Her Tank to "Drive Away"

Emerging Neo-soul/R&B artist Alizée hails from Sydney, Australia, with an undeniable set of skills. Singing from the young age of four, she has been creating her own music for the past three years, with no sign of letting up.

Drawing her subject matter upon the topics of feeling inadequate through the various styles of relationships created in your life; whether that be romantic, a friendship, or even certain family issues, Alizée navigates our focus to her most recent EP, ‘Girls & Rhythm.’ Five tracks captivating the authentic talents of Alizée are on display while we dissect the vintage dream Pop elements of the introductory single, “Drive Away.”

Collaborating forces with Florida-based production wizard Lemonah, the nostalgic wave of “Drive Away” washes over us in a copious glaze of euphonious bliss. The crooning elements that Alizée’s vocals explore add a titillating sense of mystery that pull you towards the alluring sense of her resonant echoes.

Glimmering in the hues of the instrumentation, the retro feel of the ambiance immerse us in a reflection of throwbacks that easily has you wavering through the eras. “Drive Away” captures a soul-infused offering that drips in the presence of Alizée’s timeless energy fueled melodies.

Casting out a soothing appeal that has you drifting away to the starry-eyed atmosphere of her creativity, the lyrical motif that has us eagerly amped up is “and I’ll drive away, drive away, imma leave you here in the big city.” As we attach ourselves to the wistful voyage that Alizée is, in fact, allowing us to venture on with her, we sense the vivid imagery that her lyrics bring to life.

If “Drive Away” foreshadows the depth and abstract approach that is to come on the ‘Girls & Rhythm’ EP, we are fully committed to the passage and destination that is both thought-provoking and solicitous from the emerging artist herself.

We love the sounds explored in the retro atmosphere of “Drive Away.” What does this particular song reflect in the messaging, and why did you find it important to open up your EP, ‘Girls & Rhythm?'

'Drive Away" was written about a special person in your life constantly changing and shifting their emotions towards you. Lemonah a producer I work very closely had produced this really nice retro-style instrumental that made us feel like we were driving down a big city and straight I started humming '' and il drive away, drive away'' and it all just flowed from there. I won't spend too much time on a song if it's not flowing then il move on and with drive away it just came so easily to me. I decided to open the EP with drive away just because it felt fun, honest, and super melodic. I'm singing about something that actually happened to me and I just thought it was nice how the lyrics contrasted the production aspect of the song.

The collection of songs on ‘Girls & Rhythm,’ touch on the foundation of inadequacy in relationships. What encouraged you to delve into such a unique subject for the five songs on this project?

The reason why I wrote a lot about feeling inadequate in a relationship was that that's how I felt at the time quite literally haha and not only in romantic relationships but also just as an individual struggling with finding confidence within yourself and that sabotaging your friendships or relationships. I just wanted to shed light on that and help anyone who feels the same way.

Could you please take us into the creative process of the calming introductory single “Drive Away?" What was it like working with Lemonah to achieve the desired sound of this specific single?

Lemonah is incredible to work with. How I usually work is il either send a playlist of songs I'm loving or il create a skeleton made from loops and il send that over. With "Drive Away," I had sent a playlist of songs that felt super bouncy, retro, and fun. He had sent me back the instrumental and straight I had this vision in my head of myself driving down a big city with bright lights and all these colors. and it all flowed from there haha

How do you feel that ‘Girls & Rhythm’ holds up to previously released work in your music catalog?

I'm gonna be honest my EP '' Girls & Rhythm'' feels like a step forward from my previous work but as an artist, I feel I'm constantly growing and changing at a really fast pace. I'm really proud of this body of work but I will say I have a lot more to come and just more sophisticated work.