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Aliza Li Expands On Love's Peaks & Valleys In A New EP, 'Soul X Sushi'

From Atlanta, Georgia, singer-songwriter and r&b/soul recording artist Aliza Li grabs our undivided attention with a stunning 4-track EP, 'Soul X Sushi.'

Aliza Li is known for melting the hearts of all listeners with her breathtaking vocal dexterity and raw, emotional songwriting. The star on the rise blends contemporary r&b with organic soul to create a unique style that's best expressed on stage, inspired by the likes of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. Now examining the peaks and valleys of love with Li's newest EP, 'Soul X Sushi,' let's dive right in.

The project opens with the introductory track, "Carry Me Blu," which begins with a groovy bassline and bright electric guitar arrangements at a slow, downtempo pace. As the lush r&b drums begin to rain down from above alongside the harmonious keyboard melodies, Aliza Li makes her angelic vocal appearance and begins to dissect the tribulations of troubled love. Aliza Li carries such confidence and charisma when performing, and she perfectly opens the EP with the utmost poise while serenading us with lyrics of searching for peace in love, not turmoil.

Heading onto track number two, "Dried Flowers," this song opens with a hazy and psychedelic electric guitar drenched in reverb. As Aliza Li's ooh and aahs begin to float through our speakers, she strolls into the first verse while taking the listening experience to new, blissful heights. As she reaches the hook and reminds us how she fears being alone, Aliza Li turns up the project's emotion through her vulnerable and intimate words that we can all relate to. This song is incredibly dynamic, and Aliza Li's performance keeps us on the edge of our seats the entire way through.

Passing the project's halfway point with the third track, "Mirror Me," this song was also the lead single for the EP. While the song opens with chilling, smooth, and sultry r&b keys, the jazzy and soulful drums begin to tap through our speakers while Aliza Li haunts our ears with her dynamic vocal range. As she begins to expand on someone matching her energy and seeming like the right fit, we groove through the harmonious hook while Li keeps the vibes at a serene high. We adore the devoted passion and desire Aliza Li brought to this track; it perfectly represents how our love blossoms for someone new.

Reaching the EP's fourth and final track, "Reading," this song opens with another peaceful and melodic keyboard arrangement that quickly drops into a heavy and soulful groove. While Aliza Li begins to transcend our speakers into the celestials with her otherworldy melisma and broad vocal range, she expands on themes of painful love and wonders how it will play out. This track is truly the perfect way for Aliza Li to close such a cathartic and meaningful project, as it encompasses the true meaning of love from heartbreak to pure euphoria.

Do yourself a favor and bask in the warmth and tenderness of Aliza Li's latest 4-track EP, 'Soul X Sushi,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Aliza Li. We're truly impressed with the emotion and soul you've delivered in your 4-track EP, 'Soul X Sushi.' What inspired you to create this passionate and vulnerable project?

Life experiences are always the inspiration behind my music.

What does this project mean to you? Does 'Soul X Sushi' represent a certain moment or experience in your life?

'Soul x Sushi' developed out of an emotional rollercoaster I was going through in life at the time. This project was literally me grieving from something out of life I know I’ll never get but turns out I never needed. When I hear these songs, I’m comforted by the fact that I am enough.

Did you work with any musicians or producers when navigating through the creative process for 'Soul x Sushi?'

The creative process was all me, my music is so personal and I wanted this EP to be a reflection of that. I worked with some great engineers to polish the sound towards the end. I’m grateful they were able to jump right in and go along with all my craziness.

What impact do you hope to make on your audience with 'Soul X Sushi?' What should your listeners feel and take away?

I want my listeners to feel empowered when listening to 'Soul x Sushi' and that self-love requires maintenance. We are all a work in progress so celebrate the small victories.

Do you have a favorite song on 'Soul X Sushi?' What makes that song stand out from the rest?

My favorite song would have to be “Mirror Me” hands down. I think it’s my favorite song because this track is probably the most vulnerable I’ve been musically and that’s something that’s hard for me to do in my personal life.

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