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All Follows Eve Release New Song "People, Listen" Featuring Sirdwight

All Follows Eve are on the road of launching a pop revolution. The producer/musician duo is sneaking timeless song craft, emotional depth and organic musicianship into the mainstream music world through adventurous production choices. Now, with a brace of lushly orchestrated, imaginatively arranged and infectiously catchy singles, All Follows Eve is posed to break into the Top 40 with a new strain of pop music! Their single “People, Listen” breaks down the barriers between closed off emotions and connecting with others. What’s truly interesting about this song would have to be the use of lyricism. I took from “People, Listen” that All Follows Eve was attempting to understand their listeners and the negative emotions people feel. Basically, telling us to stop overthinking and dwelling on the depressive moments and thoughts we have and rather uplift ourselves and channel in more positive into our lives. “All Follows Eve” demonstrated a motivational and empowering single with ingenious pop elements and a fun danceable tune. You can receive an open-minded perspective and encouraging words while also enjoying your typical charismatic groove we all like to dance too.

Listen to "People, Listen" and connect with All Follows Eve on their social media linked below!

Hey there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hey there! We are Angie & Noel! The female duo that makes up All Follows


How did All Follows Eve form?

We came together in 2017 at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA. On

paper we seem like an unlikely pair. Musically, our backgrounds could not be more different. But our common love of modern pop & electronic music and our desire to innovate/create is what brought us together as a writing/ production duo.

What’s the overall vision you guys want to pursue with your music?

We strive to create strong melodic leads that our surrounded by heavy electronic

production, while still incorporating organic and more ‘traditional’ instruments. We also always try to exude a mystical and theatrical pop presence.

“People, Listen” seems to have a strong message behind it. Mind touching base on it for our readers?

“That song is a conversation between the listener and us. It’s about dealing with heartbreak and relationships. So many people in these situations look for reasons to blame themselves. In the end, I'm asking these martyrs to stop being afraid of love, and, instead of torturing themselves, experience how pure, real, and healthy love feels.”

What’s your opinion on the current status of pop music?

We love it! What a great time to be alive right now! With artists charting such as Charlie Puth & Bruno Mars who bring a lot of old school R&B influence in their music, it’s such an amazing thing to see new artists being creative while using influences of the greats who came before us.

What is All Follows Eve looking to accomplish in the new year?

we are set to release a series of singles for 2019, accompanied by some very

special featured artists. We will also be booking some live shows to play around the LA area to promote our new music.


Connect with All Follows Eve on social media:


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