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All In Moment Challenges The Norm With Their Debut Self-Titled Album

All the way from Staten Island, NY, All In Moment is a 4-piece hard rock/metal band that was formed in 2016. Comprised of Chris Scott on vocals, David Cohen on guitar, Luke Lewis on bass, and Daniel Luczak on drums, All In Moment decided to dive “all-in” and begin creating original music. All In Moment challenges the norm while mainstream music promotes partying, sex, drugs, and the materialistic things in life. 

All In Moment’s debut, self-titled album is 8 original tracks of musical expertise and a clear influence from each member's diverse interests. The band prides itself on the fact that they draw influences from vastly different spectrums of music. The album begins with "Before the Bombs Drop", this song is a Rage Against the Machine inspired track that sheds light on the unruly political landscape the country is currently in. One of the most instrumentally energizing and satisfying tracks on this album, “Before the Bombs” hits with impact and intention. A thick wall of distorted power-chords and fast drums accompanies a clear-cut vocal that again drives with every graphic detail and a compelling manner. Throughout the next track “Haunt Me”, superb guitar work meets with incredibly appealing vocals that cut through the weight of the soundscape with relevant ease. Then you follow the journey along and before you know it, the entire album is playing on repeat for days at a time. All-In Moment proves time and time again on this project that they are insanely good at what they do. Hard rock has been hinting at making it’s return to the mainstream in recent years, but this release marks its official move from a hint to an absolute promise.

“Unstoppable” delivers both refreshing creativity and superb musicianship, all of this adds a genuine level of value and emotion to the music, but what lets it connect as effectively as it does is the fact that “Unstoppable” has been brilliantly, professionally written and crafted, and the music and vocals throughout it work well to immerse and entrance even the most stubborn of audiences. "Unstoppable" is by far the hardest track as it features robust screams and riffs to complement the song's theme of feeling so powerful that nothing can stop you. A powerful track, an utterly refreshing sound, and without a doubt the start of a long and worthy journey in modern music. “From Choas Comes Clarity” is a stunner, brilliantly showcasing a powerful rise up from delicacy to weight, reinforcing the band’s ability to utilize contrast and express the meandering emotions related to an experience in a deeply artistic and genuine way.

The band's second original song, "From Chaos Comes Clarity" reflects on the idea that sometimes you have to lose it all to find yourself. This is also All-In Moment’s first single with a music video to match. "For You" is the softest song crafted by All In Moment, and is simply about a girl, but it has a beautiful sound that could appeal to a larger crowd of music lovers. During the verses, a relevantly quiet yet organic soundscape accompanies the lead singer’s vocals. A layer of strings again lights up a new angle in contemporary rock, and this continues to stand tall as the track gathers momentum. Towards the end, we see the strings combine with everything else as the song’s concept reaches its passionate peak. This is categorically a song to be experienced at volume. “Refuse the Call” feels like the kind of addictive, the alternative anthem that deep thinkers would have obsessed over not too long ago. Hopefully, this is the dawn of a new chapter for hard rock/metal – for organic, authentic music; the sort that comes from a place of real depth and intention. “Refuse the Call” pays a small tribute to HBO's Game of Thrones, and is about betrayal by someone so close you once considered them family. All In Moment are a superb band, impressing more and more so with each new move they make.

Rich with sludgy guitars and pounding drums, the music of “Oblivion” sounds fantastic. It ebbs and flows, and easily has one of the best breakdowns of 2019. “Oblivion” brings through a classic hard rock and metal vibe, chaos, and story-telling intertwine in a memorable fashion – it feels like a fresh approach to the genre and another chance to connect with the band behind the music. “Not That Far Away” brings the album to a conclusion but ironically was All-in Moments debut single. The meaning of "Not That Far Away" centers around the idea that the future is coming much more quickly than anticipated, and for four young men, it's time to "dig deeper" to get by the challenges in life. This track brings the debut album to a finish that’s likely to leave the story and ideas lingering in your mind long after listening. The realness that emerges with each conversation and recording on the project seems insanely authentic. Absolutely worth listening! We can’t wait to catch a live show in the future too!

Listen to the full album here



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