Alli5on Releases New Single 'With Me' Featuring Evv

Alli5on’s newest single titled “With Me ft. Evv” gives you a taste of her style of music and presents herself as an artist. It has characteristics of soft lo-fi beats and chillwave with its soft vocals and a hint of r & b influence. Alli5on, from Lima, Ohio recently released another single titled, “Purpose”. Sza, Jhene Aiko, and Solange Knowles are said to be some of her influences. Alli5on is currently working on her debut EP album so keep up with her for the release of it.

Alli5on’s vocals are really soothing and as a dream like quality to it. Her voice is really relaxing and it is complemented by the lo- fi beats and catchy melody. The register in which her voice is in, is quite up there which takes a lot of control and good breathe which she has. The vocals are identifying with her somewhat breathy but soul sound which is what makes her, her own artist. Featuring Evv is a really good compliment to her vocals especially when he sings with her. This captures the R&B and pop sound that is also a strong characteristic of Alli5on’s music. The song is runs at 2 minute and 30 second which will leave you craving more! Listen to 'With Me' Featuring Evv here.

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